You are the Creeper Mod

It is comeback in new generation, It’s compatible with new Minecraft version and old version. You are the Creeper Mod is an excellent and widely accepted. Developer named “Rotten194” is well known for player of the game Minecraft. Personally, I like this work. If you’re a fan of him, don’t forget to support him. And I hope that you will help me to correct or update the information. This time, I’ve compiled all of his work here. You can download and install a different version. This can work and I hope you will not be disappointed after using this. Don’t forget to tell us if it works great.

You are the Creeper Mod Main Feature

After you install this version, you will find something wrong, this is a great test for you. You must fight against the hatred that surrounds your character in the world of Minecraft. will explain why you have to feel like that. First! You Are the Creeper 2 is a total conversion mod for Minecraft that will turn you into Minecraft’s most hated mob, the Creeper. This is the first reason, and that make you feel different another people. When loading the game you will be bittersweet. (But with your own skin) That’s not at all, mobs will not attack you, but the villagers will flee from you.

And second, you will start to feel more depressed. And you begin to wonder why. More over than and a new kind of villager, the warrior, will attack you on sight to protect the other new villager: a king! Kill the king and steal his crown to recruit mobs to join your cause.

You look like a creeper! After being recruited with a crown, zombies, creepers, and skeletons will attack villagers and other hostile mobs. Right-click zombie, creeper, or skeleton with a crown will damage the crown and gives you access to the “Control Mob” or the GUI that you can use to set the behavior of the mob and the mob, and the mob’s health. Villagers are now afraid of you, skeletons, and creepers, and will run from you. Wow! This is an interesting idea for you or not. Personally, I think it makes the game more fun.

How to install You are the Creeper Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the You are the Creeper Mod
  3. Open Minecraft.jar and delete the META INF
  4. Drag and Drop file into Minecraft.jar
  5. Done! Enjoy!
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