Zelda Adventure Map

It is the ever popular Zelda game that many people dream to play this game. If you ever dreamed of a great adventure , or if you missed the chance to play this game on a portable game NDS. This is a great opportunity for you to experience the world of Minecraft. Okay legendary adventure is about to begin again. If you like your legendary adventure in a fantasy .This is your time to get excellent experience. If you are ready to begin the download and installation. You can start downloading this special map from here. Just look for the download link at the bottom of the article Zelda Adventure Map.

Zelda Adventure Map

Zelda Adventure Map can work well in the most recent version of Minecraft. If you have a version lower or higher. You can use this model as it has been determined that Zelda Adventure Map Inspired by Zelda game creator , if you found an error or a problem with this game. I encourage you to leave your comments at the bottom of the comment box . I hope you will have fun and enjoy the world of Minecraft.

* If the work is delayed. Please do not complain about it . Because I work alone. So please help me by introducing or find a new link . I will try to provide updates as soon as possible.

Zelda Adventure Map Main Feature

  • Map is inspired by the saga legends of zelda
  • Add via this map including the new zelish armors and much more…
  • Mobs and lots of newly made blocks that will plerish your eyes.
  • Made by the adventurecraft program

How to install Zelda Adventure Map

  1. Download this Zelda Adventure Map
  2. Extract the map
  3. Rename it as “world#” in which this will replace your world # slot
  4. Next, Go to “Run” by going to start menu
  5. Type “%appdatat%”
  6. Then find “.minecraft folder” which is located in your “roaming files”
  7. Find “saves” folder
  8. Drag and Drop the map here
  9. Let’s Fun!
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