Zelda Sword Mod

It is popular game that everyone is well-known. This work has been recently renovated and is great to work in the latest version of the game Minecraft. If you are looking for a Mod to help boost the fight mob, this is a great weapon that will make you strong. Zelda Sword Mod it was concept of the Zelda games, it has been meticulously designed and creatively. However, you will find fun and feels like playing Zelda. If you are ready to begin the download and installation of this work.

Zelda Sword Mod

Zelda Sword Mod 1

Zelda Sword Mod 2

Zelda Sword Mod 3

If you like “Zelda” games and you want to play “Minecraft“, I assure you that this will be a great experience. It combines the two games together. It took the skills of Zelda Sword placed in Minecraft and makes the game exciting. In addition, it has been updated to be more enhanced features such as : bombs , hookshots, etc. You must learn how to play, the first step you need to learn how to use various weapons.

Zelda Sword Mod will allow you to learn the skill increases. You can learn about the skills which have been suggest on how to enabled in each skill.

Warning: The use of each skill. It will make you lose a lot of energy within the body. Therefore, you should not use it because it makes you feel hungry and often hungry.
Solution: You should find the amount of food to have enough before you start using the skill.

Zelda Sword Mod Main Features

  • This is a Zelda sword skills to put it in Minecraft.
  • Add multiple weapons such as bombs, hookshots, etc.
  • Start playing from the first level. On the first level, you will get the information. This will allow you to view skills more and show the ability of skills more, you will receive instructions on how to use their skills.
  • The skills to make us hungry faster. Should find the food to be good enough. Before enabling skill

How to use Zelda Sword Mod

  • Press x while looking at the target, it will lock on.
  • Log on at once, we would be able to use a variety of learning skill by using the arrow keys.
  • Also a skill that we need to press some buttons to use.

How to install Zelda Sword Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Zelda Sword Mod
  3. Start and tested it can work with your Minecraft Forge version
  4. Copy and past file zip into your mods folder (coolaliasZSS.zip)
  5. Open your Minecraft and load up
  6. Done!
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