Zeppelin Mod

Zeppelin Mod for Minecraft is among the numerous fan-modifications you are able to install to improve your Minecraft experience. This specific mod provides you with the opportunity to create their very own flying machines, permitting fun and classy new modes of transportation.

Once installed, you may create a fundamental zeppelin from simply three cobblestone blocks and three wooden planks, but you can include other blocks to personalize and accent your individual flying craft. Most block types might be put into your aircraft, but a couple of for example bedrock, lava, and water cannot. To start building your zeppelin or airship, arrange your cobblestone blocks over the middle row of the crafting area, using the wooden planks placed underneath the cobblestone. This gives the necessary “Craft Controller.”

Since you have your Craft Controller, put it at where you’d enjoy being when steering your aircraft. Whenever you right-click the Craft Controller, it’ll check how big your craft and may function at as much as 1,024 blocks. Whenever you fly the craft, only blocks connected in some manner towards the ship will require off, using the relaxation remaining still. When engaging your craft, you are able to control ascent, yaw, and speed these controls are past due towards the amounts keyboard to around the right side on most keyboards. 8 and a pair of control speed, 6 and 4 modify the the “yaw” or amount of turning left or right (correspondingly), and also the and – secrets control how steep or shallow the aircraft increases, using the 5 key setting the 3 fields to some worth of zero. The * key stop and align the ship towards the map’s power grid. It ought to be noted that you could move as the ship is running.

You can control the ship as long as you are standing on it (or near it in some cases).
If you jump off while the ship is in motion, wave goodbye. Right clicking the controller block will cause the ship to stop, realign to the world grid, and rejoin the world.

ps. If you can not install > Just go to : here

Zeppelin Mod Changelogs

  • Update new release with current Minecraft version

Install Zeppelin Mod

  1. Download and Install ModLoader
  2. Download Zeppelin Mod
  3. Place Zeppelin-client-.zip in the /mods/ folder.
  4. (0.14+ only) Extract the specified class from mod_Zeppelin-client.zip,
  5. Put it in your minecraft.jar
  6. Fun!!!

*Zeppelin Mod In between updates, you may find the latest version is not compatible, Please do not blame me about it. If you want to help provide urgent, I suggest you contact the developer.

  • Heron

    fake dont waork on 1.4.7

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  • gamefreak032

    This does not work for me
    Stuck at mojang icon

  • ohmy

    where is the (0.14+only)client ???????

    • Rarg

      It means for VERSIONS 0.14+…

  • Bob

    Where is the download on filecopter????

  • http://www.skyrimdl.com/ Admin

    Many people tell us about this version, It’s not work right now. you should wating for someone update! So, If you want to use this version. I recommend you to use old Minecraft version.

    90% say not work – 10% say work.

  • sdsd

    don’t work at all… crashes my Minecraft. I installed it a thousend times like in the description. Don’t work at all… crashes my Minecraft. (1.4.7)

    • http://www.skyrimdl.com/ Admin

      Okay guy! I belive you now, So…waiting for update…I will research about this version for you. Thank for help us.

  • lol

    What is the specified class ? :/

    • http://www.skyrimdl.com/ Admin

      Please wait for update, because many people tell us, It’s don’t work. Thank!

  • roberts933

    can somebody rewrite this mod for 1.4.7 plz if not i will try do it myself but i dont guarantee that i will be succesful

  • jake

    can´t download

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    hey can anyone do a automatly installer for this mod?

  • butter

    I made normandy SR-2 from mass effect , now with this i can pilot it >:D

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    I created a Normandy SR-2 in my minecraft world , after i discovered this mod , god , it will be a lot epic!

  • Marcus

    i like this mod because i download it

  • Snitram

    when are you going to update this to minecraft 1.5?



  • Zzarillo

    I suggest you guys look at the orginal page for this mod on the Minecraft Forums. The creator of this mod had to re-write most of the code for multiplayer, you just gotta be patient. And I suggest stop using these crappy knockoff websites and just use the Minecraft Forums, you’ll be much less likely to get a virus.

  • Epicenter

    I care what your name is Lol, they are not going to update it to 1.5 (fucking lazy)

  • Dylan

    HEY EVERYBODY, THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTIONS IS HERE! I’m pretty sure that the Zeppelin mod has stopped being updated. I tried to use it with minecraft 1.5.1 but it didn’t work. But there are other mods similar to it, I recommend the airship mod discussed in this link, it seems pretty similar to the zeppelin mod and it’s compatible with minecraft 1.5.1.


  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.philpotts.3 Jack Philpotts

    make it minecraft forge modloader is crap

    • http://www.skyrimdl.com/ Admin

      fix and update now, thank for comment

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    You guys should update it. At the time, I loved this mod. And still do!

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      I hope developer update as soon…

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    how do you download it?

    • http://www.skyrimdl.com/ Admin

      Please wait…Not complete right now, So! if you are developer. you can try to download and fix it. then you can play. So, if you don’t…i think you should wait or use other mod.

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    When are you going to update this to minecraft 1.6.2 ?

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      okay! just look at link download below of the content.

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    wow another fake

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    i receive no download button when i like the facebook page. Help please!

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    is it for 1.6.4 or its an hack

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  • binouche13

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  • Will Da Silva

    is this for 1.7.9 or the upcoming 1.8? (not alpha or beta)