ZigZag Resource Pack

The time has finally come as a New Year, I would like to give you guys as a present which is the new resource pack that will change the overall looking of your Minecraft world to be something new and fresh and also with its high resolution, every detail you see in this pack will going to blow your mind. The resource pack is called ZigZag Resource Pack.

ZigZag Resource Pack

ZigZag Resource Pack

ZigZag Resource Pack

ZigZag Resource Pack is a really awesome resource pack which made by Jamizzle, this pack comes with a pretty high resolution which is 128×128. Actually, this pack is a stylish alternative to default textures in Minecraft with high resolution and painterly appearance together with cartoony looking style that will help to completely transform your world into something new and fresh. Most of the blocks in this pack were designed to look cohesive which means that with this pack installed, you don’t have to worry about the thing you are going to build whether it’s going to be medieval style of modern style all the blocks in this pack will suit all types of building. But the output will be pretty cute though <3. All of the blocks and items from version 1.8 are complete, but some of the monsters, animals, and some of the FX are still in progress which that won’t affect much when you play anyways.

This pack is the best looking pack that I’ve seen for quite a while and it’s probably by far the best 128×128 pack as well. Fantastic looking with cartoony style that apply the default to be her own style, everything looks so cute, whatever you build will be suitable by the pack as you have more options in doing that. Be sure to give this awesome ZigZag Resource Pack a go!

ZigZag Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 128×128
  • This pack is a HD pack which focus on painterly and cartoony style

ZigZag Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • The high resolution of the pack and painterly appearance that will help to transform your Minecraft world into something fresh and exciting
  • Cartoony looking will make everything pleasant to your eyes
  • Very well made and highly detailed for the 128x resolution resource pack


  • The resolution of this pack might be too high for some people that couldn’t afford to have a good computer, so it would be great if there are more options like various resolution for everyone to check and try it out!
  • This pack is a HD one, so it does requires your Minecraft game to have Optifine installed first before installation of the mod

How to install ZigZag Resource Pack

  1. Download and install Optifine first for more features
  2. Download ZigZag Resource Pack by clicking in the link download given below
  3. Select and download only the version that is the most compatible comparing to your Minecraft’s version
  4. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  5. Find resourcepacks folder, if you do not have one, just create one yourself
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the resourcepacks folder without extracting it
  7. All done