Zombie Siege Map

Are you looking for some survival map to play with your friends in Minecraft? If you do so, you are in the right way right now because in this thread the map that I’m going to show you is the map about the zombie that you can to fight and survive from them which called Zombie Siege Map.

Zombie Siege Map

Zombie Siege Map is a really interesting map and little map which made by ‘disco_’. If you have ever played Cake Defense both series 1 or 2 before, you would know how awesome and talented this creator is. This map is a survival map which you can play both in single-player or play in multi-player on server or with your beloved or close friends. All you have to do is just defend your base from the wave of tons of zombies. They will keep coming up, so please be sure you are well prepared to face and fight against them. Bring out all of your ability your talent, your true power that hide inside yours out. Then, get ready to fight them. Anyways, those waves of zombies are randomly generated which might increase the difficulty each higher wave. There are tons of zombies, so that means 1,000,000 zombies are in this map for you to fight. If you are going to play this map alone, be sure that you challenge yourself by trying to survive as long as you can with the record time. If you are going to play with your friends, just help and cooperate each others to finish out this map or you might just troll around your friends. Anyways, whatever you do, but at least if you can get some fun, so that’s fine though.

If you are looking for survival map to play with, so this one is for you, be sure to check and give this awesome survival Zombie Siege Map a go. I hope you have fun!

Zombie Siege Map Main Features

  • There are ammo counters
  • There is self reloading 50 shot which can be adjusted for the range of TNT cannons
  • The waves are randomly generated
  • There are tons of zombies

Zombie Siege Map Pros and Cons


  • Tons of zombie that you can kill and play around with them
  • This map is very challenge, so if you love challenge, do not miss this map


  • This map is not that big for you to explore some areas, but as you know this is the survival map that you have to kill the waves of zombies, so what do you expect more about it 😛

How to install Zombie Siege Map

  1. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/saves
  2. Download Zombie Siege Map from the download link below
  3. Drag and drop the file that you just download and place it into saves folder
  4. Start the game, if the map is installed properly, you will see new map available in the menu world selection
  5. Have fun!
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