Zombie Squid Men Mod

This version has been updated to be compatible with the latest version, it has been developed and has been. Zombie Squid Men Mod this work is a result an excellent job and was very creative. But it is not complete. Okay, if you are ready to start this new business model before I ask you to consider the brief.

Zombie Squid Men Mod for Minecraft 1.6 and 1.5.2

Zombie Squid Men Mod Main Features

Source of information has been found that, Zombie Squid Men Mod and popular attention of many players and download a lot, which is the ability of it to help the Mod is like a zombie pig guys but their squids and they will only spawn if lightning struck in the surface of a water. Mass. inside a particular level of radius the squid will be to the lightning will make a Zombie Squid man or extra based on how a lot of squids are close for the lightning … of course, that the future will be developed and will increase. have increased, hopefully you will get good experience new ways of using this model.

Zombie Squid Men Mod Changelogs

  • Just beta version
  • fix and update with new minecraft version

How to install Zombie Squid Men Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge to properly run this mod!
  2. Download the Mod
  3. Then drag and drop .zip files in to the ‘mods’ folder of the Minecraft directory!
  4. Remove the META-INF file, and run the overall game!
  5. Done!