3D Models Texture Pack

What if your world in Minecraft become much more interesting because everything look so 3D, I mean every single thing that you can see in your everyday life playing Minecraft. If you think that is perfectly fit you, so here you are 3D Models Texture Pack.

3D Models Texture Pack

3D Models Texture Pack

3D Models Texture Pack

3D Models Texture Pack is one of my favorite texture pack by far. Let me tell you how this pack is good about. First of all, everything in this pack is original designed which all of them have really good looking textures. As you can see from some awesome screenshots above, I might have nothing to tell you how good this pack is right? But judging from seeing is not in our concerning right? You might give it a try and once you install and use it you will know exactly how awesome about this pack that I was talking about. Not only everything look much more realistic and 3D, but also most of the texture are renewed to be much more interesting and pretty soft to look at. For example, leave blocks, watermelon, stone pillar, bookshelf, door, and many more. Even if this pack is awesome, but there is one strict rule that you have to read carefully and obey about is you need to use conquest with this pack, otherwise you will see missing textures everywhere. As you can see the screenshots above be sure to look those 5 types of wood which you can use or you may feel really weird building a roof amongst other things where you’ve got those weird struts underneath them.

This is a really great texture pack, but some people’ game may keep crashing, so please do install Optifine first before installing this awesome 3D Models Texture Pack. Anyways, this pack is the best that I have seen in my whole life of playing Minecraft, this is sort of texture pack that needs to be number 1 forever, but actually it is not 🙁

3D Models Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 32×32
  • Everything look so realistic
  • Everything look much like your real life things, I mean the items, furniture, something like that
  • 3D looking for most of the items

3D Models Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Most of the blocks and items look so realistic with 3D looking which is very amazing
  • The textures for most of the things are really interesting, all of them are really well-designed
  • Softness of atmosphere of every single thing in this pack which make everything combine together beautifully


  • This pack once is the best, the number one texture pack, but once Mojang took meta away, so it’s less awesome than it could be
  • People can’t effort to play this texture pack because of some problem which will keep their Minecraft crashing
  • This pack requires Optifine to properly install

How to install 3D Models Texture Pack

  1. Download and install Optifine first before installing this pack
  2. Download 3D Models Texture Pack from the download link button below
  3. Once you go in the download page, select the version that you would like to apply to your Minecraft
  4. Search for %appdata% and open in the .minecraft folder
  5. There will be resourcepacks folder, just drag and drop the downloaded .jar file into this folder
  6. Done
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