3D Nature Texture Pack

Mother natural at work is always a sight to behold. This statement can also be say the same about natural habitat in MineCraft. Now imagine all that in high definition quality. Now you see what i am getting at. 3D Nature Texture Pack provide me with all that.

3D Nature Texture Pack

3D Nature Texture Pack

What 3D Nature Texture Pack do? This is make every texture in MineCraft look more natural in high definition resolution. Whether it the normal wood block, the over grow wheat, the ever pleasant tree or the tiny rain droplet that drop from the sky. This texture pack make everything look fabulous without really spoiling the original MineCraft theme.

3D Nature Texture Pack does not really make much of a different from what MineCraft original is but this pack actually improve what MineCraft originally is. This pack change everything to look more natural and it come in high definition. So this texture pack will appeal to those that already love what MineCraft original is and make it all better.

3D Nature Texture Pack Main Features

  • Nature theme that fit MineCraft idea
  • Everything come in high definition quality
  • Everything look much better with this texture pack

3D Nature Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Natural high definition quality texture


  • Require snap shot to make this pack work
  • Doesn’t really offer you anything other than what already there

3D Nature Texture Pack Change Log

  • Compatible with the latest MineCraft version
  • Resolution 16x texture packs

How to install 3D Nature Texture Pack

  1. Download and install Snap shot into your computer
  2. Download 3D Nature Texture Pack from our download link
  3. Search %appdata% and find .minecraft from roaming folder
  4. Open up .minecraft folder and find a sub folder call Texturepack
  5. Copy and paste everything you download into texturepack folder
  6. Start up MineCraft and choose Texture Pack from the texture menu
  7. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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