A Weekend in Heartsville Map

Have you ever thought of adventuring to the place with some mysterious events or situation happens all the time in the world of Minecraft. That would increase your curiosity to the max level right? It’s going to be exciting as you are able to do whatever you have been dreaming of like exploring, discovering and solving things clearly. If you would like to do that, this A Weekend in Heartsville Map will allow you to!

A Weekend in Heartsville Map

A Weekend in Heartsville Map

A Weekend in Heartsville Map

A Weekend in Heartsville Map is a really interesting new map made by CLOUD_WOLF. This map is basically an adventure map. Starting with the storyline, you are on your way to your beloved grandma’s house to celebrate Valentine’s Day in this sweet, warm and good looking city or Heartsville, but that’s not only about celebrating this day with your grandma because there are something mysterious about this place which you have to explore, discover and solve this mystery with the 3 different endings given, let’s see how your important day will go. That’s all for the story and what you have to do. This map would take you roughly about 30 minutes. Keep in mind that you will need to read all the note or the reader-paced text in-game carefully as it provides you the right path. As it contains 3 different endings, many things to explore and discover, and it’s based on an adventure map mean that you can easily expect lots of dialogue as you progress the game.

With this A Weekend in Heartsville Map installed, you are going to have so many new things to do to enjoy your life in Minecraft. Moreover, in this map, you will experience the new effects like the special effects and many mechanical effects added together with the immersive story that will really give you some brand new feel that will truly make you feel like you are really the character in this story.

A Weekend in Heartsville Map Main Features

  • This is an adventure map for you to explore, discover and solve the mystery of the Heartsville
  • There is a reader-paced text
  • There are 3 different endings
  • Some special and mechanical effects added

A Weekend in Heartsville Map Pros and Cons


  • The immersive story that even make the gameplay look cool
  • Loads of fun
  • The new aspect of gaming experience given by playing this map including of the excitement, amusement, amazement and many more that you won’t get from playing the plain Minecraft


  • If you spawn somewhere else not in this place, you are going to type /tp -13 47 -20
  • The map might be too little comparing to the average gameplay

How to install A Weekend in Heartsville Map

  1. Start searching for %appdata%/.minecraft
  2. Find saves folder
  3. Download A Weekend in Heartsville Map by going into the download link
  4. Select the most compatible version
  5. Place the new map that you just downloaded into the saves folder
  6. Select the new map in-game
  7. Have fun
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