Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack

Let’s guess what I have for you guys today, oh wait you don’t really have to because when you go in this thread you might see the title first, so what I have for you guys today is the resource pack which called Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack. Still wonder who is Aaron? Let’s check this out!

Aaron's Stitch Up Resource Pack

Aaron's Stitch Up Resource Pack

Aaron's Stitch Up Resource Pack

Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack is a really nice and neat resource pack which made by the developer ‘lgnaf’. This is the new resource pack that just made just two days ago. What is interesting about this pack is that each block that have been made are made of rags stitches together which look like they have their own edge, that is quite interesting, but some people might think that it will look messed up. In my opinion, this pack is definitely an interesting design and I really like it. This pack is actually pretty good though. What you can see in the pictures above are not what you think because the render system of which website I don’t know that make it look a bit messed up with the pixel, if the pictures are clearer, they will look much, MUCH better! The quality is way more obvious and everything looks fantastic! Most people might not like this pack because there are lines attaching between each block, but I find that very unique because this is a really neat work. You might think that when attaching the blocks together and if it looks smooth and there is no line will look good? Actually, I think that kind of packs are too many though. I’d better use this one though 😛

This Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack has been put so much effort by the creator, so all things look so neat, I can feel his tired and his effort though. If you find this pack would be your new ones, so why not give this awesome pack a go?

Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 64×64

Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun and interesting things given by this pack
  • You will see the whole new textures that overhaul all the default ones!
  • This pack comes with pretty high-resolution which is HD 64×64, so all the details would be absolutely awesome


  • This pack is just a work in progress, about 50% more to go to finish this out
  • There is no updates confirmed yet

How to install Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack

  1. Optifine is required, download by clicking its name and install it before installing this pack
  2. Download Aaron’s Stitch Up Resource Pack from the link below
  3. Browse to %appdata%
  4. Open .minecraft folder
  5. Open resourcepacks folder
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded file into this folder
  7. Done
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