Abducted Map

Welcome back for another map recommended, today I would like to present you guys a new map called Abducted Map. If you are looking for puzzle map where it is also parkour related, you should be checking this one out! Loads of fun will be given to you and there is no regret, trust me!

Abducted Map

Abducted Map

Abducted Map is a really well designed map. This map is basically about a custom map based on the puzzle and parkour stuff. You are going to use both of your skills of these two in order to complete the map flawlessly. As this map is very well designed, there are so many levels that you can enjoy with. It will approximately take you about 20 minutes to complete the map if you are an expert in jumping and solve the puzzle. It’s not really that 20 minutes to complete the game because that’s actually the developer time haha. It’s going to be like maybe 1 hour? Probably. Moreover, each puzzle might be a bit familiar with the new mechanics added as well. You will not only use your parkour skill or your brain to solve the puzzle because you might have to fight some mobs and some classic Minecraft puzzles included as well. If you have been playing Minecraft for years, it might be a piece of cake for you, be sure to check it out!

This Abducted Map is actually unique and special because there are so many styles included in a single custom map based on puzzle stuff. In also includes mob fighting, some classic Minecraft puzzles and parkour as well. With this map installed, you will never have to be bored with the same old survival world again. Wish you all the best of luck and have fun.

Abducted Map Main Features

  • This is a custom map based on puzzle with parkour related
  • There are some mob fighting and classic Minecraft based puzzle as well

Abducted Map Pros and Cons


  • Those who are expert about Minecraft might complete the game as twice as usual
  • Some of the puzzle based on classic Minecraft that it will be improving your Minecraft skills as well including all aspects
  • Loads of fun and also challenging


  • Not only people who have brain, but also those who are good at parkour as well that will be able to complete the map fast, so some of the stages might be seriously hard for you
  • The white block used as the background or the wall distract you when you stare at it too long

How to install Abducted Map

  1. Start searching for %appdata%/.minecraft
  2. Find saves folder
  3. Download Abducted Map by going into the download link
  4. Select the most compatible version
  5. Place the new map that you just downloaded into the saves folder
  6. Select the new map in-game
  7. Have fun
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