Aether II Mod

Are you boring to play traditional Minecraft? if you do,I am proud to present the new style of playing this game include  more difficulty and excited in play this game. I know many of you heard about the Aether mod before, it is a mod which have a big map and new dungeon. So, today i would like to introduce a new mod for you. This  is call Aether II Mod.

Aether II Mod

Aether II Mod

Aether II Mod

Aether II Mod is another mod which make you feel different from playing normal Minecraft. This is because this mod has a new ores, items and armor which differ from the original Minecraft. There are many ores added such as Ambrosium and Gravitite, you can find it in the dungeon. Moreover, if you take it to make your armor you will have a Talent because each ore has its own special ability. For example, you can fly to anywhere that you want if wear a full set of Valkyrie armor or walk across the depths of the ocean without pain if you use a full set of Neptune armor. It is not have only these two set of armor, but also have other sets which have different talent. So, if you want to know it, you have play and find the another secrets inside this mod. The way to find the new ores is going in the dungeon to take it but in there also have the enemies and mini bosses that hide inside the dungeon. In additional, this mod also has the party system for you to play with your friends and make it easy. So, let take your friend enjoy with you.

For the end of this part, i hope all of you will like the Aether II Mod. This is because this mod is very interesting and fantasy. Moreover, you can enjoy with your friends for this adventure and defeat the enemies and bosses together with your friends. Finally, i believe that all of you will try this mod.

Aether II Mod Main Features

  • This mod is has very interesting and beautiful map.
  • It also has a new dungeons, inside the dungeons include new ores, enemies and mini bosses.
  • Full set of armors have it own special ability.
  • this mod also has the party system for you to play with your friends.

Aether II Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can adventure and enjoy with your friends.
  • New atmosphere for playing Minecraft.


  • This mod is current in its alpha stage.
  • There are some bug in this mod ,so, It affect to be unstable in some areas.

Aether II Mod Change logs

  • Fixed some bug.
  • It is in process to release our first beta update, complete with tons of fixed, improved systems, new biomes, mobs, items, and more.

How to install Aether II Mod

  1. Download Aether II Mod
  2. Click start button and browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft > bins.
  3. Open the downloaded file.
  4. Open Minecraft.jar  by using 7zip or winrar.
  5. Take all content in the downloaded folder into Minecraft. jar
  6. Enjoy with this mod!!
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