Alone Survival Map

Another survival map taking place on the island called Alone Survival Map will give you the new perspective of living on the island alone which you really have to bring out everything you have both of your survival skills and your brain to take care of the limited resources. Play it wisely, here is the screenshot and more information below.

Alone Survival Map

Alone Survival Map

Alone Survival Map

Alone Survival Map is a survival map created by CATCREAMYT. First of all, the story line right? Your mom have given you a private jet to ride as you are supposed to go to meet your father for a very first time. Unfortunately, the pilot has a heart attack and dies and the plane crashed into an ocean causing you unconscious. Once you wake up, you are on one of the jet wings and it seems like there is no possible way for you to live even the god is not on your side. After several days of floating around like that, you see an island and quickly swim to that island. Now that the god is on your side and it’s your turn to live. To survive on this island is not really that difficult as you really need to use those limited resources wisely and more than that, you will need to complete all 24 goals provided as well until you can find help. It’s like you are playing on the normal survival Minecraft with Vanilla map, but this time it’s on the island.

If you would like you have the experience of being on the island with the limited resources, this Alone Survival Map is the map for you and moreover, if you would like to play with this map endlessly, you shouldn’t complete the 24 goals, that’s all. This map also supports multi-player which means that you can play with your friends as well.

Alone Survival Map Main Features

  • This is a survival map taking place on the island where you landed as your private jet crashed into an ocean
  • This map has multi-player supported
  • Some command blocks used for a more realistic of the Vanilla survival map
  • There is small intro before the crash
  • There are 24 goals to complete

Alone Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a really great map which anything like this have never been done before, it’s easy to say that this map is really unique
  • It’s really challenging about the map like this one as you have to try your best and use everything you find on the island and survive
  • With the limited resources and food, these factors will help you to improve your survival skills


  • There is nothing bad about this map except it’s just another survival map taking place on the island with the different plot

How to install Alone Survival Map

  1. Navigate yourself into the saves folder in the Minecraft directory
  2. Or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Look for saves folder and head into it
  4. Download the Alone Survival Map from the link download provided below, scroll down until you see it
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. Done
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