Apartments Map

T_h_e_Madness and his team a SkovMadness have done it again, here we go again, another awesome horror map made by them named Apartments Map. Within this map, you will find yourself being delivered into another world that doesn’t look like Minecraft world at all, prepare yourself!

Apartments Map

Apartments Map

Apartments Map

Apartments Map is a custom map made by T_h_e_Madness and his team. This map is basically also based on the horror map. This one is the first episode which mean that there will be more coming in the next update. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the little of the map contents and story line, there is nothing to worry about though. This map is based on the apartments. It’s where you lived and you’ve made an appointment with your girlfriend. But hours have passed, but it seems to be no one in that building where you are at or is there? Let’s find out and being your journey in this spooky apartment. Even if this map was just created not so long ago, but it’s pretty good, but actually it’s one of the best horror maps that I’ve ever played, the custom resources throughout the game were really awesome. Together with the custom sound effects even scared the crap out of me.

Once most of you have ended the map, you might be at the same sound that ‘’I expected map to be longer’’. As I said this is just the first episode, there will be more to come. Just the first episode, but I almost peed my pants, what about you guys? What do you about this awesome Apartments Map.

Apartments Map Main Features

  • This is a custom map based on horror stuff
  • The story line is pretty much like the reality
  • Freaking awesome sound effects that will build your mood dramatically

Apartments Map Pros and Cons


  • Another awesome horror map
  • Very well designed for overall content of the map
  • Challenging and scary! Let’s see if you can end the game without screaming or make any jump scares


  • There is nothing bad about this map except it comes as an episode, so don’t worry about it being too short to end the game because there will be more to come

How to install Apartments Map

  1. Download Apartments Map by clicking in the link download provided below
  2. Be sure to select and download the most compatible version
  3. Browse to %appdata%
  4. Open the .minecraft folder
  5. Look for saves folder
  6. Then, simply paste the downloaded map into the saves folder
  7. Start the game, select the new map and enjoy
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