Asleep Map

Do you feel bored when you play your favorite game and have to do anything in game’s daily as same as anyone? Do you feel bored with mining, planting and building? It is taking more of your time right? So, now let’s change the way of your daily routine to be something new and fun! I would like to introduce you guys this fantastic adventure map called Asleep Map which is unique and extremely different from any others that you have experienced before.

Asleep Map

Asleep Map is one of best adventure map made by the two developers named ninjanoah5 and razlight789. This is the greatest map which will be played within your dream! It sounds strange right? Yes, it’s quite strange. Normally, when you play this game you have to do anything you want during the day and night. But, in this case you have to do those things during your dreams. It is extremely amazing as this map provides you guys to go on with your adventure while you are sleeping. In this map you will be spawned in the house and you have to go to bed to start the storyline which will deliver you into your sweet dream. Moreover, you may go to any places within the map provided to solve the puzzle or wherever you want to go, such as in the space, cave, and city.

You have never heard about it before right? Now, it is your chance to try and know where you will be going in the dreams tonight. This map has a huge potential which should deserve more attention though. I honestly have ever seen anything like this before as well.

Asleep Map Main Features

  • This is an adventure map with the storyline that you are going on your adventure while you are sleeping or dreaming

Asleep Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun with a quite unique and fresh experience of playing adventure map
  • You guys will gain the brand new experiences of playing this game style
  • Interesting storyline related to the dream and the reality
  • This map is very well detailed, everything made up seem to suit and combine everything perfectly


  • There are some bugs in this map not fix yet

How to install Asleep Map

  1. Download Asleep Map with the most compatible version
  2. Navigate yourself to your saves folder in your Minecraft directory, if you don’t know where it is, just follow the next step
  3. Start the searching browser and type in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  4. Copy and drop the downloaded new map into the saves folder
  5. Start the game, select new map that you just installed
  6. Play game and have fun!
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