Burning House 2 Map

Welcome to the Burning House 2 Map, hey wait, I know what you guys are thinking right now, it’s not really what you think, trust me. This is not the same like the Burning House 2 Map that you have played before. This one is remade to be an extreme mode. Even if the overall content is pretty much the same, but you can expect to have some fun with it for sure.

Burning House 2 Map

Burning House 2 Map

Burning House 2 Map is a really simple, yet amazing survival map which will really give you the best gaming experience that you couldn’t find it anywhere anymore. When you are ready in this map, you just click the button to start surviving. For those who don’t know what this map is about. It’s actually a survival game and it’s created to test and see how long you can survive in this map. Anyways, when you have clicked the button to start the game. You are going to hear the sound of the TnT lit which is the time that you will have to find the safest spot to survive or stay as long as you can. It’s called the extreme mod, this may be because you can’t escape from this burning house, even if there is a hole on the roof and you can climb up there, but still you will have to run away from the lava pouring down because of the TnTs have exploded the blocks that blocked lava from pouring down. There are some rules that you also have to follow including of do not change the game mode, andwhen you die immediately click respawn!,

It’s going to be such a fun experience that you might want to enjoy your best friend to play with. There is no way to escape this place, you will eventually die, but it depends on your aptitude and how you adapt according to the situation. Let’s see who will be the last one standing on the world record of this awesome remake Burning House 2 Map.

Burning House 2 Map Main Features

  • This is the survival map
  • This map is the remake version of the burning house 2
  • It comes as an extreme mode

Burning House 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • Very well created map giving you the best experience of the situation that there are fires all around you with the bomb or tnt and even lava surrounded
  • This map might help you to increase or improve you own personal skills in escaping from bad situation
  • Loads of fun, yet such challenging


  • There is actually nothing bad about this map though. It’s all full of fun, except that it should be a maze and add or build in only one way out and I think that would be more interesting to play with

How to install Burning House 2 Map

  1. Download Burning House 2 Map from the link download below
  2. Be sure to select only one which is the most compatible version or the same as your game’s version
  3. Browse to %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Find saves folder and open it
  5. Put the whole downloaded new map into this folder without doing anything to it, I mean without extracting it
  6. Start the game, choose the new map and enjoy playing with it
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