Buttons II Map

Another cool map that will give you tons of the puzzles and challenges which will totally make you enjoy playing it for sure. This new map is called Buttons II Map. The second series of the buttons map which you actually have to solve the puzzle by pressing the right buttons or you will be stuck their forever.

Buttons II Map

Buttons II Map

Buttons II Map is like a puzzle map, but customized with some of the features about the buttons. This one is the 2nd series of this map which will be including of 25 new puzzles for all the players to enjoy with. Those 25 new puzzles are coming up together with 25 challenges as well, but wait. That’s too little right? Okay, let me fix this, it’s actually 25 raised by 3 times though. This map is built in a 25x25x25 area which is freaking large. All the area used creating this map were redstone included in all area.

There are 5 different themes as you pass by the level. This is a really cool map which if you can those screenshots above, you will probably know how to play with this map right? First of all, when you start loading this map, you will be put into the buttons in the room world. As you progress, it’s going to be more difficult. Each room will be the puzzle and challenge for you that you have to solve it out. There are some hints in some rooms for you as well. It’s not really that difficult to finish and beat it as you can replay again and again to pass it anyways. If you don’t really focus on the game play that this map offers you, you can see how neat of all the rooms are made? All the puzzles and the hints and many more things that have been planned to be done neatly and creatively.

Anyways, this Buttons II Map is one of the map out there that will probably give you some fun while you feel bored of playing the same old content of Minecraft for a while. I hope you enjoy this map and it’s going to be more fun if you play with your friends instead of soloing.

Buttons II Map Main Features

  • This map was built in 25x25x25 blocks
  • There are currently 25 puzzles
  • More than 15000+ buttons

Buttons II Map Pros and Cons


  • Lots of puzzle and challenges which will certainly entertain anyone who play with it
  • The map is really large and was created nicely with creative idea expressing the game play that is really unique
  • Loads of fun


  • I think that some of the puzzle in each room are way too easy to beat it, but the overall this is one of the most fun map that I’ve ever played with
  • Each room should be a bit larger though

How to install Buttons II Map

  1. Download Buttons II Map from the link provided below
  2. Check your game version and just download the same version of the map
  3. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Look for saves folder
  5. This is where you are going to paste the whole downloaded file into it
  6. Start the game, select the new map from your save game
  7. You’re ready to go!
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