Creeper Survival Map

Another cool survival map that I would like you guys to check it out is called Creeper Survival Map. As much as you can guess from what the title says, yes this map is about the creeper, what would it be, what would it look like, check it out then to find the truth and loads of fun!

Creeper Survival Map

Creeper Survival Map

Creeper Survival Map is a really cool map which also made by ‘Hypixel’. It is a survival map which you will have to face and fight the creepers, tons of them! You will have to survive 21 waves to finish this map. That sounds easy, but you will not know the truth until you find it yourself. When begin playing this map, you can use only a punch because you have nothing with you when start playing. There is the start button and when you press it, there will be 3 waves that you have to fight for your life till resting time and going to the buying zone. Each 3 waves you finish you can rest and go the a shop to but some items, maybe armors, weapons depending on your smart strategies. Each three waves you will have 2 points to spend on armors, weapons, potions, food, and TnT of course. For the TnT, there is no flint and steel for you, in order to activate them, you just simply place them on bedrock. Also, there is special weapon that you can buy and use maybe some diamond stuff, but it will be available once you reach wave 12. As you know it is a wave survival. So, each higher level you go through, that means the harder that you will face with.

Don’t you think this Creeper Survival Map is interesting? Don’t you think that you will have a lot of fun playing this map , even if you play this map on other people server or play with your friends, still the fun does not decrease at all. So, why not give this awesome Creeper Survival Map a go? There is no reason to reject this cool work right?

Creeper Survival Map Main Features

  • Creeper Survival Map is a survival map
  • All mobs that you have to fight with are creepers
  • There are about 21 waves for you to challenge with
  • There is also a buy zone for you to buy items, armors, weapons

Creeper Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun given by this map
  • You will love creepers when they keep exploding ( It does for me though :P)
  • You can upgrade your weapons and armors once you survive for three waves and that is quite exciting that you will survive till that time or not


  • The only mobs that you are going to face with is creeper, so you might get bored easily

How to install Creeper Survival Map

  1. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  2. Open your saves folder
  3. Download Creeper Survival Map from the download link below
  4. Be sure you get the right one, I mean the version that suit to your Minecraft
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded map into your saves folder
  6. Run the game
  7. Check if there is a map in your new world
  8. Enjoy!
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