Desert Timelapse Map

What’s up guys, how are you doing? I’m really excited to present you a pretty cool and new map which is called Desert Timelapse Map. What this map is about, will this map entertain you, let’s check it out!

Desert Timelapse Map

Desert Timelapse Map

Desert Timelapse Map

Desert Timelapse Map is a pretty cool map which made by ‘Team Vaeron’. This map has a really great placement and has a really nice concept. Even though, there is not much thing in this map. I mean this map is just built up with a little village or city, but very cool designs and a monster going out of nowhere. Still it looks so awesome. It’s like the city is under-attacked by this weird creature. It looks like a big snake though. This map is made with great passion structures. If you are looking for a custom and simple, I would recommend this one. You will feel like you are brought to another cool new world. All things are time-lapse built, even if in that case, still the output or the result is great. In my opinion, I would use this map as NPC villagers, that would be nice, don’t you think so? There is also a camel carry things, maybe. I’m not sure what this thing is, so if you have checked this map already, please tell me what that is. If you are getting bored of playing Minecraft right now and you don’t have anything to build up yet, I would suggest you to give this map a try, you might get some idea from this awesome detailed map.

This Desert Timelapse Map is suitable and appropriated to play, so if you want to play this map as survival or pvp that is fine. Anyways, be sure to check it out!

Desert Timelapse Map Main Features

  • It is an Oasis Time-lapse built up!
  • Very nice concept and designs

Desert Timelapse Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is not finish! There is more updates that you have to keep following up


  • I can’t find anything bad about this map, except there is not much details as I want like the other maps are

How to install Desert Timelapse Map

  1. Download Desert Timelapse Map
  2. Browse to your ‘.minecraft’ folder and look for ‘saves’ folder
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded map into the ‘saves’ folder
  4. Launch the game and start with new world that is the new save that you have downloaded
  5. Be ready to get amazed by this epic map
  6. Happy Fellow Minecrafters!
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