Diversity 2 Map

Are you feeling really bored right now with the game Minecraft? Have you ever played Diversity 2 Map before and how was it? If you have played with this awesome map before and you love the intense content provided. Please, don’t be shock because here you are the new series of the map.

Diversity 2 Map

Diversity 2 Map

Diversity 2 Map

Diversity 2 Map is a really interesting map made by the developer named qmagnet. You would probably know that this map is like an epic multi-genre challenge map for single-player and also multi-player as well. This map is a really unique form and style of map which is similar to the CTM style with your task is to complete a monument. To do that you are going to have the blocks which can be obtained from completing different genre-specific levels. You’d better have a look at it by yourself in the game if you would like to see some more game-play.

If you really want to play with it, you are going to need to stick with some rules for the loads of fun which include of; do not type any commands, this map is a very complex map which will work only if the map is unaltered from the command blocks placed. As you need to complete the different genre-specific levels which the diversity of it will be included of Adventure, Arena, Trivia, Packour, Escape, Labyrinthine, Dropper, Survival, Puzzle, and Boss Battle

Diversity 2 Map Main Features

  • This map is just like a regular CTM map
  • There are unique differences
  • There are diversity 2 genres

Diversity 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • Freaking tons and loads of fun given
  • The 2nd series of the Diversity map with more intense


  • There are some requirements including of Minecraft version 1.8.8, and you can try to use this on another version. I think it works fine.
  • 64-bit Java, Minimum 10 chunks Render Distance, Vanilla Server or Multiplayer and Adjust server properties, these are all that you need to prepare before playing with the map

How to install Diversity 2 Map

  1. Go to run on the start windows tab
  2. Type %appdata% in the run menu bar
  3. Open in the .minecraft folder
  4. Extract your file .zip and copy the folder ‘Diversity 2’ into saves folder
  5. Then, go back to minecraft and select the single player
  6. Select wold by press ‘Diversity 2 world’ save
  7. Last, if you would like to install this on multiplayer, you can find the guide in this map file .zip
  8. Have fun!
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