Drobnovian Knights I Map

Do you love playing with MMO game? If you do what if that style of the game applied to the world of Minecraft, what would you say? Would you be interested? Anyways, that depends on the storyline mostly and the contents designed in the map right? But I somehow want to suggest you guys to have a look at this Drobnovian Knights I Map.

Drobnovian Knights I Map

Drobnovian Knights I Map

Drobnovian Knights I Map

Drobnovian Knights I Map is a really interesting map based on adventure style. This map was created by the developer named Azounstone. This is the map that provide you the resource pack included as well because if you use it together while playing this map, it’s going to give you such an amazing feeling and atmosphere as everything bend and combine perfectly. Basically, this map provides you the MMO style of the game with an epic story to the adventure. There is a lot of quests to challenge. I would say more than 100 quests available. Who do you have to challenge to? It’s the bravest of souls. You are going to have a custom armors, weapons, potions and items as the choice to use as well. Actually, the title’s name or Drobnovia is a nation under siege which is the place you started calling for help. The starting point of your journey is at the docks of a foreign city called Freeport. Not only tons of quests for you to challenge, but the beautiful storyline, epic scenery and the amazing designs for all of the cities and towns.

With this Drobnovian Knights I Map installed and applied to your world. You will completely change your mind about playing any other maps as this one would probably provide you tons of fun with its high quality that you have been put very much effort into. You are going to have so many main and side quests to challenge, see some epic and breath-taking custom made and the very beautifully awesome design of the cities and towns. That’s what you will get from playing this map

Drobnovian Knights I Map Main Features

  • Storyline Quests added
  • 100 side quests added
  • Epic Scenery provided
  • Every building has been hand furnished neatly

Drobnovian Knights I Map Pros and Cons


  • Tons of quests to do with the actually consisted 9 storyline quest and 100 side quests
  • Beautiful, epic, breath-taking scenery that you will be seeing
  • All of the design for everything especially cities and towns are very awesome designed


  • If you don’t like MMO game style, this map won’t suit you
  • There might be too many contents added which you will take times to play with

How to install Drobnovian Knights I Map

  1. Download Drobnovian Knights I Map from the link download given, scroll down till you see it
  2. Be sure to select and download the version that is the most compatible version to yours
  3. Search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Look for saves folder
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. Start the game and enjoy playing with this new map
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