Dungeon Crusade Map

Would you like to become a hero who save the world? If you would like to, this Dungeon Crusade Map offers you the opportunity for that. In this adventure map, you need to find your way to the final boss or the deadly monster that has been revived and it’s getting stronger and stronger. You need to slay it before it threaten our world like mangled piece of apple.

Dungeon Crusade Map

Dungeon Crusade Map

Dungeon Crusade Map

Dungeon Crusade Map is a map made by LordCakeTheif, all credit to the developer. This map is actually an adventure map, but for what you are going to do in this map is something unusual that we don’t do it normally like parkouring throughout the mazes and solving the puzzle at the same time, something like that. So, it’s going to be like a brand new experience for those who are thinking the same with me. First of all, the plot, the deadly monster will be destroying our world once it’s revived, your objective is to hurry up and go there to stop whoever trying to revive this deadly monster from death. But it’s too late because it’s already alive, you need to defeat it before it becomes too powerful. The more time you spend trying to find and fight with it, the more powerful it will be. So, this is a matter of time as well. But be careful as you are on your adventure because once you step into this dungeon, there is a ton of traps and mobs that you need to be careful about. This map’s features really cover all the points that most people want to like everything about the style and the theme of the map together in one map.

If you find this Dungeon Crusade Map interesting and you could have fun with it a lot by playing alone or with your friends. Why don’t you give it a go right now and let’s see if you enjoy it or not. Anyways, the objective of this map is not that hard and the overall contents are a little bit easy, it’s not really challenge for those who have been playing Minecraft for years.

Dungeon Crusade Map Main Features

  • This is an adventure map based on a very interesting story line providing you the new dungeons full of traps, mobs and mazes. You have to us your parkour and solving puzzle skills to get through all the situational events

Dungeon Crusade Map Pros and Cons


  • The story line or the plot is very interesting
  • This map is compatible with the multi-player, so you can play with your friends on your own servers
  • This adventure map gives you so many task to do involving parkour, mazes and puzzles! It’s going to be a lot of fun


  • This map is a little bit too short for me and it ends very fast
  • Those mobs added are way too weak and should be more of them running around in the dungeons

How to install Dungeon Crusade Map

  1. Download Dungeon Crusade Map with the latest version from the link download provide below
  2. Start the search browser and simply type in %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Look for saves folder and open it
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded new map file into the saves folder
  5. Launch the game and select the new map from the loading world
  6. Apply, sit back and have fun
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