Elevation Acceleration 2 Map

If you find yourself struggling with the same old play style that you have been doing for years, are you bored of it? Honestly, I don’t really like that at all, so I always find new way of playing the game with the more variously unique style like some new mods with the new contents added or even some new maps for the adventure and puzzle stuff. Today, I would like you guys to have a look at this Elevation Acceleration 2 Map.

Elevation Acceleration 2 Map

Elevation Acceleration 2 Map

Elevation Acceleration 2 Map is a really interesting map based on puzzle maps. First of all, as you can read the name it is easily noticed that it’s the sequel based on the original one. Basically, most of the game play style and the contents you get from this map are pretty much the same except this one is like a step up version or improved one. This map should be played by 2 people for the best experience provided. Moreover, this map contains 9 chambers filled with puzzling fun which you will find yourself needing your brain, jumping and sprinting to reach the destination or the goal of each level. In each of the level, you and your friend will be separated into half part of the full map. Mostly, it’s based on the switching places accelerated with a magical scroll.

This Elevation Acceleration 2 Map is somehow a very interesting and enjoyable map that I have ever experienced.  You are going to get so many new things, not only that you are going to have fun, but for sure those are the brand new fun coming up with the new mechanic style of gameplay providing you such a good plot.

Elevation Acceleration 2 Map Main Features

  • This is the map based on puzzle and some new unique stuff added
  • This map is the sequel version to the main one
  • This map is based on the elevation and speed stuff
  • There are currently 9 chambers provided
  • This map is a 2 player co-op map

Elevation Acceleration 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is very fun if you are playing with your friend or any multi-player server
  • This one is much better than the first one as it’s a bit of a step up
  • Currently 9 chambers that you will enjoy this time


  • Even if there are more chambers than the firstly main version, but still you can’t get enough of it if you enjoy it a lot

How to install Elevation Acceleration 2 Map

  1. Download Elevation Acceleration 2 Mapfrom the link download provided below
  2. Be sure to select and download the most compatible version comparing to yours
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Find .minecraft folder and head into it
  5. Look for saves folder and enter
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  7. Start the game
  8. Select the new map that you just installed and apply
  9. Have fun
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