Ender Survival Map

Have you ever played the Skyblock map before? It’s based on island in the sky right? I bet you must have played it before and you’d better know that there are tons version of them out there and it’s getting boring time to time. So, today the map that I would like to share is based on the skyblock as well. However, this time it’s not just the island floating in the sky, but it all takes place in the End dimension. If this sounds interesting to you guys, be sure to check this Ender Survival Map out!

Ender Survival Map

Ender Survival Map

Ender Survival Map is a map made by BunnyboyCarrot. Keep guessing from the title and the light bulb appeared showing how this map works. First of all, this map is actually a survival map which there are goals provided for you. It’s also based on skyblock as well, as you can see in the pictures above that the End dimension has separated into an islands. You will be started in the starter island and keep on going and complete all the tasks. The final goal is to defeat the Enderdragon. The side goals that need to be completed first before defeating the Enderdragon are including of build a cobblestone generator, all music discs and a pair of Elytra must be found. You need to make a potion and a farm with every plant included in game. Every type of food must be made once. Every type of sapling must be planted once. Every type of fish must be caught once. You also need to plant and grow a huge mushroom, and some other simple things like writing a book, making 10 bread, complete 10 in-game achievements and connect 2 islands with a minecart track.

This map is based on survival style, so take your time and gather whatever resources and prepare yourself to fight against the Enderdragon, if you are way too lazy, you will be stuck here forever in the Ender world! This Ender Survival Map is actually every fun to play with. It’s like you are playing normal Vanilla Minecraft mode in the Ender dimension.

Ender Survival Map Main Features

  • This map is a survival map based on Skyblock esc with twist
  • You will need to defeat the Enderdragon
  • Everything takes place in the End dimension

Ender Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is actually very fun as you can just follow the main theme of Minecraft as well because it all takes place in the End dimension and you also have to defeat the Enderdragon as well.
  • It’s extremely challenge because you don’t have that much time gathering resources to craft the best armors and weapons
  • There are goals that need to be completed first and that will help you not to stray away from the main purpose
  • The brand new gameplay experience that the End dimension has changed to be like a skyblock version or island


  • Some of the goals that need to be completed are way too easy
  • Time rushed, it’s going to be extremely difficult to beat the Enderdragon without fully prepared

How to install Ender Survival Map

  1. Download Ender Survival Map by clicking in the link download below
  2. Select only one version that is most suitable to your game and download it
  3. Browse to %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  4. Simply drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the new map
  7. Have fun
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