Evils Within Map

Are you looking for the adventure map which is keeping you feel exciting all the time while playing game?
If you do, you are on right way. This is because, i come today for introducing this another cool map called Evils Within Map for all of you. It sounds familiar right? Exactly, it based on the one of the best horror game ever, named Evil Within that you already know. Are you ready to get more information of this map right? Now, lets going in details of it!

Evils Within Map

Evils Within Map

Evils Within Map

Evils Within Map is an amazing map made by the developer named COMMUPITALISMJM. First of all, the background or vision of this map is pretty much looking like Evil Within .But, Note That is not a horror map. Its look much more the adventure map that horror because you guys have to fight with humun. For storyline of this map, You were a man named Thomas Galt, who are dead-end investigator for the Pinkertons . Moreover, you are living during the war and you have to keep your life survive from the hunters. In addition, you guys are also need to response for numerous missions assigned to you. In this map, game difficult is quite hard even though you chosen the normal mode. This is because, your health won’t regenerate so, it is your choices that to stay alive or die!!

If you are still finding some adventure map to kill times. I would recommended you guys to try this map as soon as you can and you will have more fun of playing this game for sure. You try to imagine that how cool it be, that this amazing game has become the adventure map for your guys to play within your favourite game. Please Note That, Its named Evils Within Map.

Evils Within Map Main Features

  • It is adventure map, not a horror map like the map’s name
  • There is only Single-Player mode available for you guys to play
  • The storyline is quite interesting
  • Loads of fun
  • You can gain brand new experiences of this map

Evils Within Map Pros and Cons


  • You will enjoy with the interesting storyline that provided in game
  • There are many NPC act as villager in game for trading you guys the important items


  • It not a horror map like a title name
  • This map was not built for multiplayer, so you guys can not enjoy with your friends
  • This is a first version of this map, so it may have some bugs occur during you play

How to install Evils Within Map

  1. Download Evils Within Map from the link download provided below
  2. Select and download the only version that is the same with yours
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  4. Find saves folder and head into it
  5. Simply copy and paste the downloaded new map into the saves folder
  6. All done, select the new map in-game and have fun!
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