Forage Find the Button Map

Another interesting map that I would like to present you it’s the map based on puzzle, but you don’t really need to focus on solving it because all you have to do is to concentrate on whatever you are assigned to do with this Forage Find the Button Map. It’s going to be extremely interesting mostly because of the contents provided.

Find the Button Map

Find the Button Map

Forage Find the Button Map is a map based on puzzle which will be based on testing your searching skills. In order to play with the puzzle map, you will need to focus at your observing skills. So, it’s suitable for whatever reason for the purpose of this map and the way it wants you to play. Basically, in each level, you need to find the buttons which they are all hidden somewhere in the room. So, that’s your main objective. It’s not going to be that hard as you just need to keep looking for the hidden button then press it to progress to the next level. Each level you progress through, the more difficult you need to face. But even if you are not able to complete this map, but you will eventually enjoy with the contents provided together with the plot that every single stage or level has been created wonderfully that might blow your mind of the designs.

This Forage Find the Button Map will be pretty easy for those who are the best at searching skills. The only thing that you need to do in this map is to find the hidden button. So, you will eventually complete it even if that would take all day. So, it’s the matter of time to see that who will be the fastest at beating this map.

Forage Find the Button Map Main Features

  • This map is based on a puzzle map
  • This map’s propose is to test your searching skills in the different levels provided
  • Each level in this map will be different in the atmosphere, dimension, feeling, and many more

Forage Find the Button Map Pros and Cons


  • This map will help you to improve your searching skills
  • You will be more focused on what you are doing
  • You will be the man on yourself who concentrate and intend to do everything with all the effort you’ve got


  • Even if those biome or atmosphere provided in each level will be extremely interesting, but it’s the map that will only test your searching skill, so there is no parkour required which you might find it boring to play with as well

How to install Forage Find the Button Map

  1. Download Forage Find the Button Map
  2. Browse to %appdaata%/.minecraft
  3. Find saves folder and open it
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. Applying this map by selecting it in-game
  6. Done
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