Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin

Another cool plugin that I would like you guys to check and try it out is called Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin. It is a pretty cool plugin, be sure to check it out! If you couldn’t guess of what this plugin will do for you, there are more information below, check it out.

Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin

Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin

Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin is a simple, but really cool plugin which is nicely made by ‘Techdoodle’ I really love this plugin. This plugin allows you to move things easily, it’s not what you think that just move this block to that place or this place, but with a fun way! Not only blocks that can be moved, but also with the mobs as well. You can actually launch them into the direction you want, even in the air! Before that you must own or have a gravity gun or a supercharged gravity gun. Then, you just hold any of these and right click the thing you want to lift and just left click to launch or throw it to the direction you want. These two guns work pretty much the same to each other, but a Suppercharged Gravity gun throw much father than a Gravity gun. The interesting point of this plugin is that you might want to make a creep farm and breed them as much as you want. Then, you lift one of them, while they are thrown or launched by you it explodes! You can use them as your ammo for you grenade launcher!

With this plugin installed for your Minecraft or your server, you will enjoy the loads of fun given by this Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin. Be sure to check it out and give it a try, have fun!

Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin Main Features

  • This mod adds two new guns which will allow you to lift up both blocks and mobs then throw or launch them to the direction you want to, even in the air

Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin Pros and Cons


  • You will have another cool and fun way to move things!


  • I can’t find anything bad or cons in this awesome plugin! I enjoyed it a lot

How to install Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin

  1. Download Gravity Gun Bukkit Plugin
  2. Extract the downloaded file
  3. Copy and Place the .jar and any other files in your ‘plugins’ folder
  4. Run the server and wait till it is fully loaded
  5. Type stop in the console to bring the server to a clean stop
  6. Run the server
  7. Done, your plugin should be completely installed and ready to be used
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