Do you love the Valentine’s day? How cool it is, if you were the Cupid or angel to make anybody to get love? It sounds great right? I really want to introduce you guys this awesome map which is called KID CUPID Map. It is very well made to the theme of love and make you guys will enjoy with the cute character who are going to make a couple fall in love. However, it is not only about that because you guys have to do anythings more challenging than that. What you have expected might not be like what you think when played.



KID CUPID Map is an adventure map made by the developer named PMKEXPERT. It is a custom map based on adventure style. It is not only for that, but it is also based on pakour style too. Moreover, its storyline won’t be like what you have expected. If you are thinking that this map will provide you the simple quests or just only have to make everyone in love, you are wrong! You guys will have to pakour on block to another block to run the quests. In addition, you also have to solve the puzzles while you are parkouring by using your loving bow to hit the hint’s block to open the next state. Finally, you guys must defeat the main boss who are causing every trouble on this peaceful land and change it to be a lovely land. Are you brave enough to face with it!?

This is an another great map which keep you enjoy playing Minecraft. You’ll feel that you are the hero who come to solve the problems of this land. Are you ready to be the guardian of love? If you are, you shouldn’t miss to try this awesome map called KID CUPID Map.

KID CUPID Map Main Features

  • This is a custom map based on adventure, parkour and puzzle
  • This game’s system provides you to control while jumping easier. This is because, it is automatically cling on ledge when you jump toward
  • The Bow of Love given to you as your main weapon
  • You have to kill the big boss in this map to complete the map

KID CUPID Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun!!
  • You were assigned the quests to solve all the time while you are playing this map, so you will not get bored for sure
  • This is a adventure map based on adventure and pakour which you guys will enjoy with it
  • There is a very fun storyline
  • It is a simple map and easy to play, even though you are kid


  • It requires only Minecraft versions 1.9-pre2
  • This is not proper for the player who love and expect some epic boss fight scene, because you need to solve some puzzles mainly

How to install KID CUPID Map

  1. When you going in the downloaded link, you need to wait for 5 seconds
  2. Then click “Skip Ad” on the top right corner to proceed to the map’s download page
  3. Download KID CUPID Map from the given linked
  4. Locate save folder found in Minecraft file
  5. Copy and paste this map into save folder
  6. Start up MineCraft
  7. Choose load game and choose this map
  8. Done and enjoy with it!
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