Logdotzip Quest Map

Unlike any other adventure maps, this Logdotzip Quest Map will soon eventually become your new favorite for the features and the storyline given to you. Actually, this map has taken months to finish. A huge potential this map has will kick out any other top adventure map to lose the tier. If you would like to know what this map is about, let’s check some pictures and further information below.

Logdotzip Quest Map

Logdotzip Quest Map

Logdotzip Quest Map

Logdotzip Quest Map is a map create by the developer named KIKI_VANILLA. In this map you will be pretending to be Logdotzip who is a popular youtuber with his Minecraft videos. you might still wonder what this map have to do with him. This is because his or your sidekick Drumstick is disappeared. In the other word, it was kidnapped. All you have to do is to go on with this amazing adventure provided to get him back. It’s not going to be that easy because you will have to prepare yourself for battle against puzzles, parkour, redstone and fights. It could be easily said that this is an amazing adventure-puzzle map. It’s not going to be boring because you don’t really have to follow the storyline strictly as you’ve gotten another thing to do like parkouring or even solving the puzzles. Some parts might be boring, but another one might help to make the game taste better though.

If you are looking for a new adventure map that you have never played with before, this Logdotzip Quest Map would become one of the maps that you have been looking for. However, there is quite a bad feedback for the boss fights and some bugs about the key at the door or even there is no special weapons to use during the boss fight, but you have to try it yourself to see if it will fit you or not. At least, be sure to try it out!

Logdotzip Quest Map Main Features

  • This is the map based on the adventure thingy
  • This map is based on the story of Logdotzip, the youtuber with his Minecraft videos
  • An adventure-puzzle-parkour combination map

Logdotzip Quest Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a really potential adventure map that have added parkour and puzzle into it to make it more interesting to play with
  • If you are a fan of Logdotzip, you might enjoy the plot created


  • The boss fights are so boring as the boss have not that high HP to be called boss!
  • There are no any special weapons to use during the boss fights
  • There are some bugs that haven’t been fixed

How to install Logdotzip Quest Map

  1. Download Logdotzip Quest Map from the link download provided below with the latest or the most compatible version comparing to your game’s version
  2. Go to %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft
  4. Look for saves folder and head into it
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded new map into the saves folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map, and then apply
  7. Have fun!
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