Master Surgeon Map

Have you ever played or heard about the game called Surgeon Simulator? It’s the simulator game based on the surgery. That I mentioned about that game because I feel something similar to that game from the new map called Master Surgeon Map. I really have no idea why that game came up in my mind, but anyways, this is the map based on surgery as well that you need to perform the surgery to save your patients.

Master Surgeon Map

Master Surgeon Map

Master Surgeon Map

Master Surgeon Map is a really cool map made by 5upertrinity. This is the map based on puzzle and surgery. You might still wonder how in the world of Minecraft allows you to perform a surgery. But, you will notice once you have tried it out yourself. What this map currently offers you are the 7 awesome levels with timer. You also get so multiple patients with different cases as well. Basically, you just need to do your job as a doctor to save the patients, you might want to give them some medicine or do something to drop their blood from spilling around on the floor. You might have to eventually enter in their body to perform a surgery in there or carry out the procedure before they die and before the time runs out, will you be able to handle this? The life of the patients are on your hands.

That I mentioned, you need to enter their body, I really mean that. Because of the common sense of the game Minecraft, even if there is a mod to perform surgery, still what you see is way too small, so the patients will be much bigger than normal models, so that you will be able to enter in their body and go through the maze and find the spot where patients are suffering from and help them within this Master Surgeon Map.

Master Surgeon Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the puzzle maps
  • This map might be also based on the surgeon simulator as well
  • There are totally 7 awesome levels given
  • Some or all of the levels or stages are timed
  • There are multiple patients with different cases

Master Surgeon Map Pros and Cons


  • This might remind you guys of the game surgeon simulator that you have to save the patients from whatever case that they have been through
  • With the different patients, cases and levels with the timer. It’s going to be such a huge challenge


  • There is nothing bad about this map except it needs you to meet some requirement including of it will work with Minecraft 1.9 and above and command blocks need to be turned on if you are playing on a server
  • The structure of the human body might not be 100% like the real one

How to install Master Surgeon Map

  1. Download Master Surgeon Map from the link download provided below
  2. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  3. Find saves folder
  4. Simply copy and paste the downloaded file that you just downloaded into the saves folder
  5. Launch the game and select the new map that was just installed
  6. Have fun with another parkour map
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