MusicCraft Mod

Don’t you think that if there are some playable instrument in the world of Minecraft would be extremely cool and awesome? If you do think so, I have this mod for you to check and play with which is called MusicCraft Mod.

MusicCraft Mod

MusicCraft Mod

MusicCraft Mod

MusicCraft Mod is one of my favorite mod ever which made by ‘Ktos94852’. This mod seems to be pretty hard to make or build up because the features this mod will give you are those playable instruments to your world. The real instruments added ti the game are included Grand Pianos, Pianos, Small Pianos, Guitars with 5 colors, Basses, Drum Kits with 5 colors, Violins, Saxophones, Trumpets, Amplifiers, Organs, Keyboards, Cellos. All of those new things added , you can actually play them with your mouse or even your keyboard. Those instruments have some unique and custom sounds, as well as unique and custom textures. So, if you are the one who are fascinated with the sounds of the real instruments and you love playing Minecraft, so this mod is for you. This is the mod that I think I have enjoyed the most because I love both watching and playing the instruments. If you do like this mod, why not give this awesome mod a go, comment and give some feedback, so that I know what kind of mod would you guys want to me show you.

Don’t you find this mod interesting and has potentials? So, please give this awesome MusicCraft Mod a go,  give this mod be your new favorite of all of the mods and of course, download!

MusicCraft Mod Main Features

  • This mod obviously gives you the real instruments which all of them are playable by using mouses or keyboards

MusicCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • There are so many real instruments added into the world of Minecraft which you can play and enjoy listening them all day long
  • This is a really cool and interesting mod
  • This mod has some randomly custom and unique sound and textures each of the instruments


  • If you don’t know the music, you don’t like or love it, this mod is not for you though
  • This mod has some awesome features which might be pretty hard to make up, so it requires ModLoader of Minecraft Forge to install and work properly

How to install MusicCraft Mod

  1. Forge is heavily recommended and required, so download and install it first
  2. Open your Minecraft directory, if you have the launcher icon on your desktop, just right click and choose open file location
  3. Look for mods folder
  4. Download MusicCraft Mod from the download link below
  5. Simply drag the downloaded file and paste it into the mods folder
  6. Have fun!
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