Natural Dropper Map

Another dropper map called Natural Dropper Map. This kind of map is really fun and interesting with the colorfully creative builds right? But this one is the new, fresh and unique as it doesn’t have stuff like any other dropper map. As it says about natural dropper, it’s going to be natural dropper map.

Natural Dropper Map

Natural Dropper Map is a really interesting map as it provides you with the new features or styles of the dropper map. This map is generated or built based on the real world or the world that most of you spend most of the time with the survival style. Your objective is to show your cats that you are a pro at dropping that complete all the dropper level. As this map is the new released, so the levitation of the latest version of Minecraft applied as well. Read the instruction and follow it, then you will be fine. Moreover, if you read all the signs in every single level, you would know that it’s like you are talking with the creator at the moment all the time. It’s a pretty little map, but a ton of fun provided amusedly. Surprisingly, there is a plot twist ending which you will find it hilarious lol. Here is a spoiler, in the end, you will need to kill yourself to save the cat, or step on the plates to open the door and you win the map as a murder.

Anyways, it seems to be a mistake for the creator as the end for the plot twist that you have to choose between saving your own life or saving your cats’ lives, you can actually jump across the 2 blocks of wall easily without having to kill your cat. I really had a lot of fun playing with this awesome Natural Dropper Map. I really hope there will be more levels added in the future or any other map like this created by NICI_THE_PRO.

Natural Dropper Map Main Features

  • There is a plot twist ending
  • This is the custom map based on the dropping stuff
  • This map is naturally generated for the dropper

Natural Dropper Map Pros and Cons


  • A pretty new and unique map which is not like any other dropper map out there that have been designed and structured very well
  • It’s pretty much like you are playing on the normal generated world, but what’s added is fun!


  • There is nothing bad except there should be more levels!

How to install Natural Dropper Map

  1. Download Natural Dropper Map with the most compatible version
  2. Head yourself into .minecraft folder or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Find saves folder and place the downloaded file here
  4. Launch the game
  5. Select the new map and start to play with it
  6. Finished
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