No Damage Survival Map

Are you looking for a greater good in term of Minecraft game? What could be more challenge and better if you could have a crueler world and place to live on? So, the new and greater challenge brought to you by this awesome No Damage Survival Map which will make you realize how difficult it actually is when you receive extra penalty and punishment when you take damage.

No Damage Survival Map

No Damage Survival Map is a really interesting map which will be based on the survival style that will make your life in Minecraft even more fun and interesting way by putting or adding some more new features about the extra damage punishment. Basically, if you take any damage, you will be taken even more damage, first of all, when you take any damage, you will be shot into the air and land for an extra damage or even more, when falling you might be forced into the block which is even crueler as you are suffocating. It’s a really good challenging map because it’s based on how you use your daily routine which mean that everything will be pretty much the same like you are playing on the normal survival world except for the damage that if you take you are going to be taken even more damage. On the other hand, it will probably increase and improve your survival skills, you will be even more careful than before as you care every step you take.

There is the exception as well if you are thinking about getting rid of the buff of the extra penalty. Drinking milk will help you to remove that buff, so that you can take normal damage though. But, that’s going to be way too cheated, so the features only lasts for 15 seconds. Anyways, if you are looking for a challenging stuff to do, I would like you guys to check this No Damage Survival Map out!

No Damage Survival Map Main Features

  • This map is based on survival map with a really challenging game mode that you will be kept receiving the punishment severely
  • You can disable the effect that you can take normal damage by drinking a bucket of milk which will give you 15 seconds to take as much as damage that you’d like to

No Damage Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • This will really help to improve your personal survival skills in the world of Minecraft even better
  • It’s extremely challenging as you must finish the goals provided as well


  • This might make your life in Minecraft more difficult to live on as it provides you the new challenge that if you take any damage at all, you will lose more than one heart and there will be severely penalty for you

How to install No Damage Survival Map

  1. Download No Damage Survival Map by clicking in the link download provided below
  2. Be sure to select and download the latest or the most compatible version comparing to your game’s version
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Head into .minecraft
  5. Open saves folder
  6. Put the downloaded file into the saves folder
  7. Have fun!
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