Noteblocks Map

Noteblocks Map is another parkour map that I would like you guys to have a look at it. I found this one interesting because there are like helpers or the 4 new blocks with the special abilities to do things which you have to find out yourself. Please don’t rage quit because the parkour is going to be difficult for all of you.

Noteblocks Map

Noteblocks Map

Noteblocks Map

Noteblocks Map is a custom map made by Simph. This map seems to be the different one from any other maps created by this developers. It’s pretty unique and special because there are 4 new blocks added to help you in parkouring. First of all, it’s pretty much like normal parkour map with seven levels given. Each of the level has the same length from the beginning to the goal, all changed are the difficulty. It’s not going to be that easy though. These 4 new blocks added to make the game much more fun are including of noteblock which will teleport you up to three blocks when you stand on it. Anvils will summon an anvil above you which might cause death. Packed Ice block will give you swiftness. Spikes made of iron bars will kill you when you stand on them or just along them. When you start playing this map, be sure to look for the chest at the beginning and pick the item or the barrier up, simply put this item in your 8th slot.

I swear to all of you that it’s not going to be easy, parkour was pretty hard in this Noteblocks Map. But according to the stuff we can’t afford to win as the very first time, it’s called challenges and it’s also the thing giving us amusement and excitement right? Hope you like this map.

Noteblocks Map Main Features

  • This map is a custom map based on parkour
  • There are seven levels provided
  • There is a noteblock added to each level and three more blocks with special abilities including of Anvils, Packed Ice and Spikes

Noteblocks Map Pros and Cons


  • Each level will have the same length, but it’s going to be more difficult as you progress towards the level which is really challenging
  • This is pretty unique as it uses some special abilities from the 4 new blocks added to make the map and the parkour to be much more interesting and the new aspect of parking


  • Parkour was really hard, so you might stuck there forever if you are not really those who are good at being patient or parkour expert or whatever
  • There should be more levels added, seven levels only are way too cheap to get most of the fun

How to install Noteblocks Map

  1. Download the Noteblocks Map from the link download given below
  2. Choose the version that you want to play with which is also suitable to your Minecraft version
  3. Search for %appdata%
  4. Look for roaming/.minecraft/saves
  5. Open in maps folder and put the downloaded file into this folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map from your save game
  7. Have fun!
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