Olann Island Map

Are you facing any problems of playing Minecraft? I mean any problems including feeling bored, have nothing to do anymore, something like that. If you do face those problems, so let me give you something that would help to bring back the fun of playing Minecraft for you again. With the map that called Olann Island Map, I hope this map will make you feel fun and enjoy loads of fun given by this map as well.

Olann Island Map

Olann Island Map

Olann Island Map

Olann Island Map is a really cool map which made by ‘Enmah’, as you can see from some awesome screenshots above that could make you day up right? So, I might not have to say much about the information or things in this map that you can see, but I’d like to :P. This map is like the the place that full of amusement things. If you have ever heard of Olann City, you could know how awesome of that map is. So, this one is like the other part of that map which is the amusement parks that full of machine toys, but they can not work like the real one that you can see, but that is not the point of playing this map, what this pack offers is just to make your day up. For all things that you can see and enjoy with in this map are those awesome stuff that have been put so much effort for each. Don’t you want something like that in your real world? Full of fun things, you will absolutely feel happy and warm while playing this map.

If you love this map and love those awesome stuff, so why not give this awesome Olann Island Map a go! You will no more have to feel bored when playing Minecraft again anymore, or when you get bored of your daily Minecraft, just choose this map, play and enjoy with it!

Olann Island Map Main Features

  • Lots of awesome stuff including all the amusement toys
  • This map is like the other part of Olann City!

Olann Island Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is 100% complete
  • Loads of fun given
  • Brand new feeling when played
  • This map can make your day, when you feel bad for someting, come and play Minecraft with this map!


  • This map is just a custom map, so there is no challenge! So, you might not like about this
  • What this pack offers are only amusement things!

How to install Olann Island Map

  1. Download Olann Island Map from the download link below
  2. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  3. Look for saves folder and open it
  4. Simply put the entire downloaded file into mods folder
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the map from the menu world selection
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