Oriental Heavens Texture Pack

Let’s guess what I have for you guys today, no it’s too late to guess because of you can see what the title says right? haha. Today I have the pack for you which will make your day up with its original and unique style and the pack is called Oriental Heavens Texture Pack. Let’s consider some of the awesome screenshots below!

Oriental Heavens Texture Pack

Oriental Heavens Texture Pack

Oriental Heavens Texture Pack

Oriental Heavens Texture Pack is a really cool texture pack which made by ‘Gms+’. This is the pack that runs at 32×32 resolution. This pack is based and inspired by the influences of china. This pack comes with 2 different versions. Most of the things are really well created which will provide some of the reliability and quality of the most standard pack should be. If you are feeling bored and tired of the bright, cheerful and colorful texture pack. This pack might be the new cup of coffee though. I heavily recommend this pack for everyone that is looking for the new texture pack for your world. A bit moody looking will increase your Minecraft experience to be much more fun to play with. What you can see from the castle in the picture above that will show you how this pack will look, and that is really cool, not only the outside look so cool, but inside is really well done as well which is not that dark or that moody. The landscape look so incredible, all the deserts have been altered which look like the end block, but a bit textured. Some dungeon that you can find underground, like the abandon mineshafts look so mysterious which you will not know what is inside there if you don’t have any light sources.

If you feel tired and bored of the colorful and bright pack, and you want to use something different which comes with an original, and unique way. So, be sure to check this awesome Oriental Heavens Texture Pack out!

Oriental Heavens Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 32×32
  • This pack is inspired and based on cultural influences of China

Oriental Heavens Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • This pack comes with an average resolution which has a really cool texture that will enhance your every aspect of game-play to look much better
  • Moody and dark style which you will have a brand new experience
  • Loads of fun!
  • This pack comes in two different versions for you to choose which one will suit you best


  • There are so much graphical patterning with the HD textures or things which will look not so luxury when you start staring at blocks

How to install Oriental Heavens Texture Pack

  1. Download Oriental Heavens Texture Pack and Optifine
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  3. Look for resourcepakcs folder
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded file into resourcepacks folder
  5. Run the game
  6. Select the new texture from your menu selection
  7. Enjoy your new pack!
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