Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map

If you enjoy playing with the puzzle map, I would like to give you the new level and the better one that use the new mechanic that you have never seen before or even if you have, you will still be enjoying to play with this awesome Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map as well. Be sure to prepare yourself to face the new headache style gameplay with teleportation through portals.

Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map

Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map is a map made by lightpower26 which is based on the adventure map that will offers you the new challenge with the new mechanic about the portals. If you are still confusing and wondering what this map is about. It provides you the portals as you start spawning in the chambers that you have to figure out which is the right portals in front of you as you have to risk your own life to decide whether you are going into the right portal or not.

But it depends on your solving skills. More than that, observing and exploring or the searching skill is heavily required to help you see everything clearly. Once you’ve got a clue you will be able to get out of that chambers. Don’t be too greedy as you will be needing to get passed through all the chamber levels provided until you completely get out of this place.

What is the reason that you shouldn’t use and play with this map? It’s full of fun with the new mechanics used about the portals. Probably, its mechanic is really interesting and make this mod has potential to progress continuously in the near future.

Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map Main Features

  • This is the puzzle with a bit of adventure maps
  • This map provides you to travel through portals to get out of the chambers

Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map Pros and Cons


  • As it’s based on portals, you will enjoy teleporting to another portals a lot
  • As you are trying to eventually get out the entire Aperture Science facility, you will also improve your puzzle solving skills as well


  • This map is not finished yet as it’s still the work in progress with only 20% complete
  • You might be confused as you keep teleporting through portals again and again until you find the way out of this place

How to install Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map

  1. Navigate yourself to the .minecraft folder or simply search for %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder, and then open it
  2. Download Portal a Minecraft Adventure Map with the latest version from the link downloaded below
  3. Simply look for saves folder and just drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  4. Start the game
  5. Select the new map and then apply
  6. Enjoy
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