Are you guys looking for a new challenge which is not coming up with the mod or the texture pack? If you are, I would like to introduce you guys this parkour map which I bet that you guys will find a new place to enjoy with this map called RAGE Map. Be sure to not get raged!


RAGE Map 2

RAGE Map 1

RAGE Map is a pretty awesome custom map which is made by heyo13579 from Minecraftforum. This map is made for us for those who love challenge, who love to do parkour, who love to run, who love to jump and walk. Those who can never stop or stand still, this map is for you. If you think you are good enough at parkour I dare you to play this map. In this map, the only thing you need is your skill and brain to survive the many perils it holds. There are currently five stages including stage one, this one is quite like self-explanatory which you just have to find your way to the top and hit the switch. Stage two, this one is a parkour course which is really difficult. Next one is a glass maze. Fourth stage is a dropper, this one is freaking awesome, it really is fun! Doesn’t require much of your skills, just have fun with it in this stage. The last stage is a teleporting maze, this stage might rage you up 😀 be sure to stay conscious and not get rage.

If you are getting bored right now, I would like you to check this awesome RAGE Map out! And play with it, you will find yourself enjoy playing this game again. Once you feel fun already and you’re really to get back to play your normal daily life in Minecraft again without feeling bored.

RAGE Map Main Features

  • Custom map
  • Parkour map style
  • 5 stages currently included

RAGE Map Pros and Cons


  • It really helps you feel fun when playing with this map
  • This map is like a helper for those who feeling bored of playing normal Minecraft
  • This map is really suitable for those who love parkour or challenge
  • Load of fun playing with your best friends


  • Some stages are pretty a mess, and you might get rage when you cannot complete it
  • Some stages are too easy for many people

How to install RAGE Map

  1. Download the RAGE Map from the link download given below
  2. Choose the version that you want to play with which is also suitable to your Minecraft version
  3. Search for %appdata%
  4. Look for roaming/.minecraft/saves
  5. Open in maps folder and put the downloaded file into this folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map from your save game
  7. Have fun!
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