Rush Map

Do guys love to fight? if yes, I would like to suggest about Rush Map. This map is amazing map that design to play with 2 or more people. So, let me tell you more about this map.

Rush Map

I would like to tell you about details of Map. Frist, this map is come up with the unique design and new style to play Minecraft. This map has the way on the sky that 2 side on way in order to fight together. So, you should have 2 or more people to playn this map. I would like to tell you when how many people in the map that means more fun in this map. This map is very amazing and funny. I think you should to try it. You never try you never know.

I hope all of you guys will love Rush Map. So, don’t forget to shared to your friends for play together. However, you can read more information of this map at top pic below.

Rush Map Main Features

  • Play with friends for PVP mode
  • New style to play in the map

Rush Map Pros and Cons


  • Play with your friends for more fun on sever
  • New atmosphere
  • PVP mode
  • The only one map that have unique design


  • Short time for play in PVP mode
  • You need two or more peoplay for play this map withyou because this map can not by singleplayer

How to install Rush Map

  1. Download and install Snap Shot in your computer (Please make sure it’s work)
  2. Download Rush Map form download like below us.
  3. Press start and serch for “%appdata%”
  4. Look for “.minecraft” folder
  5. Look for “saves” folder
  6. Drag the .zip files to “saves” folder and extract the .zip
  7. Already done start game enjoy!
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