Santa’s Sleigh Map

Christmas has passed, New Year has also passed, but what is still not passed is the map that created related to the festival. What’s more interesting is that the make-up plot that will enhance overall details of the map to a new level like this one which is called Santa’s Sleigh Map.

Santa’s Sleigh Map

Santa’s Sleigh Map is a really cool map made by DVSD3SIGN. As for the story or the plot of this map is that Santa has crashed on his final test run before Christmas Eve which mean that there will be no gift and stuff from Santa. You are the only mechanic in the North Pole that become the most important person to help Santa get through all of this problem by traveling to about 5 places to rebuild Santa’s Sleigh and save Christmas! For the places that you have to go to are included of Coal Mine, Scary Forest, GumDrop Grove, Icicle Island, Candy Land. This map is an adventure map which will approximately take you about 1 hour to finish the contents provided. There are also some rules that you have to follow including of always enable command blocks, play in gamemode 2, and do not trade with villagers through Minecraft’s trading system. It sounds so simple to beat this map, but you know what? This map may have some hidden puzzle that you need to adapt of what you think into a new level to beat the game.

All the details and design of the surroundings are awesome as it shows that this Santa’s Sleigh Map is neatly created. Are you finding this map interesting? Don’t you want to be the savior? You are the only one who can help Santa to rebuild the Sleigh or are you going to let Christmas over

Santa’s Sleigh Map Main Features

  • This is an adventure map related to the Santa’s plot which you have to travel again and again to find the place to rebuild Santa’s Sleigh and save Christmas
  • This map would take you approximately 1 hour
  • 1-4 players recommended

Santa’s Sleigh Map Pros and Cons


  • Such an interesting plot that will make you like a hero for Santa and for everybody
  • This map may be quite challenging while it give you possible tasks to do which is to rebuild Santa’s Sleigh
  • Won’t take you that long to complete all the contents in this map


  • There are some rules that you have to obey and stick with which you need to have command blocks enabled, play in gamemode 2, Santa’s Sleigh Resource Pack required (Optional) and do not trade with villagers through Minecraft’s trading system

How to install Santa’s Sleigh Map

  1. Download Santa’s Sleigh Map
  2. Go to your start menu and type in %appdata%
  3. Go into roaming folder
  4. Open .minecraft folder
  5. Find saves folder
  6. Simply copy and paste the downloaded file with .jar or .rar into the saves folder
  7. You are good to go!
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