Sequence Map

Today, I would like to introduce you the Sequence Map which is the second map and first puzzle map of the developer named devini15. This creator has come up with a pretty new and unique style of the puzzle which you will eventually find it fun. It can be useful for you as well in term of giving you fun playing with the mini-game about puzzle.

Sequence Map

Sequence Map

Sequence Map is a custom map based on puzzling style including of 6 of them. It’s a pretty new and unique mechanics used to complete in each level of the puzzle provided. Your goal is to find out the correct block to complete the sequence. Even if this is just another custom puzzling map, but to be honest, in my opinion, this map is a very well, and very clever, puzzle map. You will have to be very carefully when it comes to choose which block is the one to complete the puzzle. If you guess wrong and click the wrong one, you will be drowned to death and the level will reset and you have to start it over again. There is actually no command like /kill, /spawn, /teleport, so don’t think about cheating though. It’s going to be a full common sense puzzle and a bit of Minecraft general ideas and knowledge.

Let’s see how fast you can beat all the puzzle challenge provided with this awesome Sequence Map. Even though, it’s really short for each levels because it only takes time when you are considering and trying to figure out the puzzle. But when you automatically know what the answer to all the puzzle is, it’s going to be an extremely short map.

Sequence Map Main Features

  • This is another custom map based on the puzzle stuff
  • A pretty new, unique concept to the map

Sequence Map Pros and Cons


  • This map supports both single-player and co-op or multi-player
  • Puzzle stuff that will allow you to enjoy and to sharpen your brain and personal skills
  • A little mini-game that will bring you fun


  • There should be more rooms added as it’s a bit short to complete the map

How to install Sequence Map

  1. Navigate yourself to %appdata%
  2. Head into .minecraft folder
  3. Open saves folder
  4. Scroll down this forum until you see the highlighted download link
  5. Go into it and select the most compatible version comparing to your game of Sequence Map
  6. Just put it into the saves folder where you just navigated yourself to
  7. Start the game, select the new map and enjoy
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