SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map

Another cool map that would remind you of the great game like silent hill or any other horror games, you can experience that feeling in the world of Minecraft too. This game is not only about the survival, but Minecraft is everything, even with the little cute zombies might make you breathtaking with this awesome SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map.

SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map

SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map

SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map

SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map is a really cool map that has been created very well with the details, at the plot story line and plot twist. As it’s based on the horror stuff, so in this map, your goal is to survive and find the way out of the SkeleGUN’s Cave. It sounds pretty simple and easy, but there are some puzzles waiting for you to solve as well, but it’s not that complicated, so don’t worry about that. What is exactly the main and most interesting part of this map is the custom sound effects that even make the game much more fun and excited. Not only the horror sound effects added, but some scene, you might be blurred, feel like you are pushed by something that you can’t see or you suddenly can’t move because of no reasons. Some parts of this map will make you definitely feel like there are always something behind you. If you play this map in a dark room and put your headphone on, I promise that’s going to be your best experience of playing Minecraft forever in your life!

If you don’t have anything to do and if you do not mind playing with the horror stuff, I would like to recommend you guys to play with this awesome SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map. Lots of jump scares that will impress and surprise you for sure. Hope you have fun! Those who have heart problems shouldn’t play with this map though.

SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map Main Features

  • This map is a custom horror map
  • Custom sound effect added
  • Very unique and interesting plot twist
  • Lots of jump scares

SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map Pros and Cons


  • When you play with this map, you will feel like you are playing with a real horror game in the theme of Minecraft
  • Don’t think that it won’t be scary just because it’s just Minecraft, you’d better try it yourself
  • Really remind you of some horror game, very well done and awesome details given for the story line
  • Lots of jump scares, let’s see if you can finish the game, it’s really challenging


  • It would be too scary for those who have really weak attitude towards horror stuff
  • There is a few of puzzles that you need to solve, it’s pretty easy, but if you keep rushing, you will never end the game

How to install SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map

  1. Download SkeleGUN’s CAVE Map from the link download below
  2. Navigate yourself to your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft
  4. Find saves folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded map here in the saves folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map and have fun
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