Space Parkour Map

Are you love jumping, have you ever heard of parkour stuff? It’s basically a training discipline using movement, but in this case, we’re going to talk about the jumping and running movement. Do you want some challenge? The challenge that you will help to bring out the best potential in yourself. Let’s see how good you are in this awesome map called Space Parkour Map.

Space Parkour Map

Space Parkour Map

Space Parkour Map

Space Parkour Map is such an amazing map created by victory_summery. This is just another half custom-adventure map based on parkour stuff which means that you are going to have to bring out the skills that you have been training for both running and jumping accurately. You will have to make it done in this map. Be sure not to get raged really fast because there might be some spots that you’d better need times to get passed through that. Don’t expect this map to be normal like any parkour map out there because this one is far from usual because it also offers you the new moving platform which will make the jump even harder that you have to evaluate and use your brain together with your physical skills. That’s what you will see from this map. More than that, you will be experiencing the whole new level of the design, once you have played this map, you will realize yourself that this is such an amazing map like there are the floating blocks and creepers that is really suitable to the concept or the title of this map which is about the space.

If you love running and jumping and you think you’re the best out there, let’s see what time you get from finishing this Space Parkour Map. What exactly you will get from this map is the fun and very well designed and the details of the map.

Space Parkour Map Main Features

  • This is a parkour map full of challenge
  • There are moving platforms to make it much tougher to pass

Space Parkour Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is freaking amazingly epic, very well done with the design and creative with the screen
  • The moving platform that make the jump look pretty interesting and help to make to make it to a new level that you have never seen before


  • It might be too hard for some people who are not really good at jumping
  • You might get raged real hard!

How to install Space Parkour Map

  1. Download the map with the name Space Parkour Map from the link download given below
  2. Be sure to download the most compatible version comparing to your game version
  3. Search for %appdata%
  4. Open .minecraft
  5. Find saves folder
  6. Simply copy and paste the downloaded map into the saves folder
  7. Start the game, select and enjoy the new map
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