Square Survival Map

If you have ever tried and played with the map called Skyblock map or the island survival maps before, you will be easily or eventually adapted to this Square Survival Map as it’s based on those two mentioned. From your glance of the cover pictures or even some of the pictures below, it looks pretty small right? But you really have to check it out if it’s really small or just the glance of your eyes are wrong.

Square Survival Map

Square Survival Map

Square Survival Map

Square Survival Map is just a wonderful map made and based on the Skyblock map and any other island survival maps. First of all, this map is also based on the survival style and when start playing with this map, you will be placed or spawned on a little island which floating in the sky and of course with a tree, a chest, a shelter and some supplies. The purpose or the goal of this map, you will have to survive with the limited resources and supplies given. Moreover, that’s not the only task that you have to do during the gameplay, but you also have to create new buildings or any other different things which will provide you food or some valuable goods. Moreover, there are a built in shop and quest systems which is the place where you can undertake to earn rare rewards. With these systems, you will feel like you are motivated yourself to enjoy playing the map and have fun exploring the world. About exploring, there will be lots of little skyblocks for you to investigate and some small villages as well. In addition, there is dungeon for you to explore as well.

If you find this Square Survival Map interesting and seem fun to play with just by reading and watching some of the pictures can make your mouth watering like you really want to enjoy with it, why not give this awesome map a go? With its survival style will even make you feel fun to play as you could bring out the best of your survival skill adapted to use in this world.

Square Survival Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the original Skyblock map
  • There are unique stop and quest systems
  • Dungeons, villages and different planets added which all can be explored
  • There are kits that you can choose to start with

Square Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • A lot of new awesome features that can’t be found in the original one as it’s available here only
  • So many brand new and unique dungeons, villages and different planets added, so that you have much more things to do about exploring
  • Tons of fun
  • So many contents and features coming in the future update which all are interesting


  • There is absolutely nothing bad about this map, it’s full of awesome stuff that you will enjoy it forever and as it’s also based on the original map Skyblock will remind you of a good and memorable story of how fun and how this map has made your day

How to install Square Survival Map

  1. Download Square Survival Map from the link download provided below
  2. Head into your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Inside the .minecraft folder, look for saves folder and open it
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. Launch the game, check if the map is installed properly
  6. Choose the new map, start playing it and have fun
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