SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack

What’s up guys, another good looking texture pack that I have for you guys today is the pack that called SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack. What kind of this pack would be, check the pictures below first. Then, you will realize how awesome this pack is!

SRD's Chromatose Texture Pack

SRD's Chromatose Texture Pack

SRD's Chromatose Texture Pack

SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack is an awesome pack which is made by ‘thecrazydudesrd’. I can’t really explain how this pack is, but what I know from playing this pack is that it is pretty awesome! There are whole new textures which you have never expected this kind of pack before. This pack is really best suitable or fitting to modern style. I mean if you want to build some modern house, this pack is a must download! Just the wood textures look pretty smooth.What that really blow my mind out is the stone. It does not look realistic, does not look cartoonish, I don’t really know how to call it, but it comes with a new style withe strata effect. It looks a bit deepers having more shader. It’s like there is a little bit of blue color inside them. The nether quartz blocks are like the main character of this pack, it looks pretty damn cool and they are things that can not be lacked of when you build something up due to its textures that give the luxury feelings. This pack supports SEUS shaders, so if your computer can handle that, just use it then to see the real power of this pack.

If you find this SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack interesting, why not give it a go then? You would be happy playing this pack for sure. It’s quite a bit pleasant to the eyes as well.

SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 64×64

SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • This pack is pretty pleasant to the eyes
  • All the textures for each block are really appropriated to build some awesome buildings
  • Using together with SEUS shader packs would be something wonderful though


  • This pack just requires your Minecraft to have Optifine or MCPatcher installed for all the features given by this pack and that is quite boring though.

SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack Change Log

  • Some tweaks to some of the textures done
  • Many minor bug issues fixed
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack

  1. Download SRD’s Chromatose Texture Pack
  2. You might have to be installed Optifine or MCPatcher, so download and install any of these first
  3. Go to start menu and search for %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder then find ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded texture pack which is .zip file into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the chosen texture pack from the option menu
  7. Have fun!
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