Steve’s Journey Map

Have you ever wondered and thought of how come Steve is the main character or the first character of Minecraft? There are some wrong rumors about him, but actually I think there is nothing perfectly right with his background. What I know is that every kind of map referring to Steve, the story line in the map will tell you the story about him with his own perspective in this Steve’s Journey Map. But I don’t think anything in this map has nothing to do with his background either lol.

Steve's Journey Map

Steve's Journey Map

Steve's Journey Map

Steve’s Journey Map is a freaking awesome map based on adventuring which was created by the creative map maker named ZOMBILORD. This map is interesting as it uses the new features from the latest version of Minecraft applied into the story line. Moreover, as you can read the title clearly. It’s going to be all about your best and favorite character in Minecraft ‘Steve’. In this map, you will be indulged mostly because the story line of the new perspective of Steve’s Journey. The map is surely good by itself, there is nothing to explain much about it. But for the story line, you are Steve who just wake up in the morning and end up finding himself has already been chosen to take on the role of stopping one of Minecraft’s biggest villains. You will be facing and experiencing the 4 new unique created dungeons. As I said that the story line is really interesting, so there will be an in-depth story provided together a few side-quests.

If you are bored of playing the game Minecraft with its same old way that you have been doing for years, why won’t you find something new to enjoy yourself? Here is one of the best adventure map based on the Steve’ perspective that you won’t get bored of it for sure with this awesome map called Steve’s Journey Map.

Steve’s Journey Map Main Features

  • This is an adventure map based on the main character that we are all familiar to which is Steve!
  • This map has applied the new features from Minecraft 1.8 into the game

Steve’s Journey Map Pros and Cons


  • The storyline in this map could be rated as the best story line ever
  • The redstone tech cycles were very good
  • In this map, you will be seeing the new perspective of your Steve with his journey


  • Sometimes, the mobs will keep disappearing in front of you for no reasons which are still the problem that haven’t been fixed yet

How to install Steve’s Journey Map

  1. Download Steve’s Journey Map by clicking in the link download given below
  2. Be sure to select and download the most compatible version comparing to yours
  3. Simpy start the search browser and type in %appdata%
  4. Look for .minecraft and go in
  5. Find saves folder and head into it
  6. Place the downloaded new map here
  7. Start the game, select and load the new map
  8. Finished
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