TabbyChat Mod

You may think this mod adds a feline companion to the overall game. But no, this isn’t a tabby cat mod. Rather, TabbyChat Mod is made to allow it to be simpler than ever before to have interaction along with other gamers. it adds a tabbed chat feature into the overall game you can use while using multiplayer servers.

TabbyChat Mod

TabbyChat Mod smartly handles its chat tabs in-game. It scans all the incoming chat messages from multiplayer servers and decides which tabs to insert them in. There’s one tab for the chat messages sent through the server, in addition to server-side chat-funnel plugin tabs for particular areas or any other chat functions.

TabbyChat Mod Main Features

  • The interface is extremely simple to use. The underside left chat window now includes a variety of tabs. Just click on these tabs to show chats labeled with this tab code. Gamers do not have to tab that chat themselves – TabbyChat uses server data to determine where chat messages is going. Most gamers will gladly remain in the [g] tab, which shows global messages.
  • Gamers can close tabs simply by pressing Change Click any tab. Unread chats messages come in red-colored, and gamers can configure global configurations and server-specific configurations to be able to personalize their setup whenever possible. Much more single player mode, the mod is going to be disabled.
  • this mod uncomplicated that adds an easy but effective chat box for your Minecraft world. Other gamers aren’t needed to make use of the mod so as for this to become utilized, so it’s worth a download if you feel Minecraft’s default chat feature lacks some important features.

TabbyChat Mod Pros and Cons


  • Later on, the creator of TabbyChat intends to add some following features to the overall game:
    • Give gamers the opportunity to configure how big the chat window
    • Relabel chat channels
    • Filters that ignore particular chat channels
    • Buddies list/special chat interface for buddies


  • Chat logs are held in the .minecraft folder under TabbyChatLogs.

TabbyChat Mod ChangeLog

  • Update new release with current Minecraft version
  • Fix now 1.10.00

How to install TabbyChat Mod

  1. Don’t Download and install Forge and ModLoader – Not supported for TabbyChat Mod
  2. Download the TabbyChat Mod
  3. Drag the contents of the downloaded .zip folder into Minecraft.jar
  4. Find a multiplayer server
  5. Test it
  6. Finally, fun!
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