The 7 Worlds Parkour Map

The new parkour map consisting of 7 themed levels called The 7 Worlds Parkour Map is what I want you guys to check it out! It’s going to be loads of fun because the designs of the map which might remind you of some childhood game. It did for me though. So, let’s not waste the time, check this out!

The 7 Worlds Parkour Map

The 7 Worlds Parkour Map

The 7 Worlds Parkour Map

The 7 Worlds Parkour Map is a custom map based on parkour made by Nuengza_bamc. Basically, this is just another parkour map that it doesn’t seem to be anything interesting right? But I would like you guys to have a careful look at the screenshots provided. Don’t tell me that it’s not attracting. Currently, there are 7 levels with different themes as well. The concept and the design of this map is absolutely on point and awesome. As I mentioned that it’s going to be different theme in each level like you might be facing the water flooding theme, darkness or the void and many more, you will definitely have to find out yourself to enjoy the loads of fun provided by this awesome created map. I really love the flood level though. Your only goal is to survive and make your way to reach the diamond block in each one. It’s like you are climbing to the top of the tower which all the diamonds or the goals in each level will usually be at the top of the level as well.

Oh, if you are dead at level 4 or the flooding level, you will need to wait about 3 or more seconds after the death to reset the flood. Anyways, I really hope you guys see some potential in this map and hopefully give this The 7 Worlds Parkour Map a go.

The 7 Worlds Parkour Map Main Features

  • This map is a custom map based on parkour
  • You have to reach to the diamond block to complete the level in each level
  • There are 7 different themed levels added

The 7 Worlds Parkour Map Pros and Cons


  • With the theme of each levels make this map really unique and has potential which I think there should be a sequel of this map though.
  • With the themes added like flooding will make you excited as it keeps flooding and you have to rush and go fast to the diamond block which is exciting and challenging at the same time
  • It’s not really boring at all with the themes added which even make the progress about the parkour map into a new level


  • There are some bug about the flooding level and the void level that sometimes even if you wait like 1 minute, still the flood doesn’t seem to be reset. About the void level, you might be taken damage no matter what, not sure if this is intended, bug or not
  • There should be more levels added or a sequel would be great

How to install The 7 Worlds Parkour Map

  1. Download The 7 Worlds Parkour Map by clicking in the link download provided below
  2. Once you go into the download link, just select only one version that is as same as the version of your game
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Open .minecraft and look for saves folder
  5. In the saves folder, you just simply paste the downloaded file into it
  6. Start the game and select the new map
  7. You are good to go!
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