The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack

Do you love horror things? Like the movies, games. If you do so, what about Minecraft? I mean do you love playing Minecraft? IF you love both of them, here you go The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack. Just check and try it out. The standard resolution of the texture that comes with horror style. Here are sine nice screenshots below. Sit back and have fun!

The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack

The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack

The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack

The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack is a resource pack which made by ‘Aoshyxious’. This pack comes with 16×16 resolution. The theme of this pack is pretty dark, but it’s not that you can’t see anything in the middle of the day. If you build a village with this resource pack, it will look like a lost land. Every single of the plank look like they are moldered. Even if this pack has 16×16 pixels resolution, but that does not prevent them to look awesome! Due to it’s a little bit dull and dark textures looking makes them more pleasant to the eye. I really love the pumpkin in this pack, it looks so fierce that always be ready to attack and kill you anytime. The carpet, if you color it with red, it looks like blooded carpet which is really suit the resource pack itself! The atmosphere when the sun is down, looks so creepy, a bit dark combined with dried blood color which would remind of some murder scene. The leaves look so dry and shriveling that improve the horror looks of this pack which is pretty amazing.

A really nice things combining together beautifully make the game looks much better, also the feeling given is good too. Each things that reflect how horror things should be. They way this pack mixes every textures of things make you feel like you are in a horror movie or place, whatever. Anyway, Don’t you dare try using this The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack for your Minecraft and play it in the middle of the night without the light? If yes, there is a download link below, check it out!

The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 16×16
  • This resource pack has a horror theme

The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • This pack contain a little dull and dark, so that is pretty pleasant to the eye
  • This texture pack is 100 % complete


  • This texture pack requires Optifine or MCPatcher in order to prevent some missing texture and bug issues that might occur while playing

How to install The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack

  1. Download and install Optifine or MCPatcher for more features, Optifine is recommended
  2. Download The Asphyxious CustomPack Resource Pack
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded texture pack into the ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Select the chosen texture pack from the option menu
  8. Have fun!
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